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Interlude: Cavaliers 83, Lady Volunteers 82

Posted by ridor9th on November 18, 2008


Finally, the monkey is off my back!

No. 16 Virginia Cavaliers has exorcised the demons by beating No. 5 Tennessee Lady Volunteers on its home court in Knoxville, Tennessee, 83-82.

Never mind the fact that the Lady Volunteers are inexperienced with six freshmen and 4 sophomores.  The Cavaliers also missed 3 experienced players whom did not suit up for various reasons.  Not only that, the Cavaliers relied heavily on 4 freshmen as well.

In the last 5 trips to Knoxville, the Cavaliers were 0-5.  But not this time, Virginia’s Monica Wright had 35 points and was virtually unstoppable as she willed the team to shock the Lady Volunteers in front of more than 11,000 spectators.  It was Tennessee’s 19th home loss since 1987 and Virginia officially joined the elite club whom has beaten Tennessee in Knoxville:  Auburn, Stanford, Connecticut, Texas, Florida, Duke, Louisiana State and Louisiana Tech.

Way to go, Cavaliers!

Now I can sleep in peace, folks!




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5: What’s Up With HOVRS’ MVP?

Posted by ridor9th on November 17, 2008

After GoAmerica swallowed HOVRS and Verizon TRS, they did not stop as they went on their way to purchase two major interpreting agencies in Washington, DC area in an attempt to control the interpreters from working for other VRS companies.

Yes, HOVRS bought Sign Language Associates (SLA) and Visual Language Interpreting (VLI).  To me, it is a brilliant strategic move on GoAmerica’s part in an attempt to control and suffocate the competitors from getting more interpreters to work for their companies.  For your information, SLA has offices in Denver, Tampa, Richmond (Va) and Frederick (Md) as well.

However, HOVRS has been drumming up the beat about its so-called Mobile Video Phone also known as MVP at many functions including DeafNation Expos and ASLExpo for the last couple of years.

I think the lingering question on everyone’s mind is:  When?

HOVRS has claimed that its MVP is better than Viable’s VPAD and VPAD Plus, CSDVRS’ The Z and so on.  But none of us has yet to *see* the equipment out in full force.

HOVRS has dispatched the employees to woo Deaf customers all over the place — cyberspace and in person to talk about MVP.  They went on to trash Viable of their VPADs repeatedly.

Yes, Viable VPAD is not perfect.  But that is why they named the Viable VPAD as Beta version — the original purpose of Beta version is to give the VPADs to the customers so that Viable could hear the feedbacks to weed and fix the glitches that may come with the VPAD itself.

Listen carefully — Viable VPAD was designed and funded by whom?  Deaf people.  Then they gave it to the customers to test and play around and throw feedbacks to Viable in order to enhance the 2nd part:  Viable VPAD Plus.

Makes sense, right?

HOVRS has yet to release MVP in the last couple of years.  They already talked about how good it is — how better it is than VPAD — how it will trumpets VPAD and The Z — and they had NOT gotten around to release the damned piece in the first place!

Don’t you think it is audacity of HOVRS to trash Viable repeatedly at events about its product when they had not released its own god-damned MVP in the first place?

It was supposed to release about two years ago, then it got delayed.  Then delayed.  The last time I heard was that they planned to release it in 2009.

Perhaps, they found many glitches in this particular product that they had to delay the release of MVP all along?

But that does not stop them from traashing VRS companies’ products repeatedly — especially with Viable VPAD and Viable VPAD Plus.  HOVRS may deny the allegations that they trash-talked about Viable VPAD but one can view this particular video where HOVRS’ Jonathan Hughes has talked about how MVP is better than VPAD starting at 5:34.

Frankly, let’s face the reality here:  Viable 2, HOVRS 0.

Viable, is small VRS company run of, by and for Deaf people, has already released not one but two products:  VPAD and VPAD Plus.  VPAD, as expected, went through the trial period where they received enormous feedbacks from the customers and in the process, they have upgraded the VPAD.  So far, it has improved and satisfied the customers in the process.

VPAD Plus is the 2nd product that includes the wifi service and browser as well.

Again, both products were designed and funded by whom?  Deaf individuals.

As for HOVRS’ MVP, which is owned by GoAmerica with millions of dollars in profits?  The MVP was not designed by Deaf people.  In fact, they collected the feedbacks and turned to a contractor to design and manufacture — I heard it was LeadTek Corporation — which, as of today, is still fixing the glitches which has been delaying the product from day one.

What alarmed me the most lately is the antics that HOVRS has been doing to the customers — they are telling the customers that if they wanted free MVP, they need to register for HOVRS on its website and to make sure that they use HOVRS in to be ranked on some list in order to get the MVP.

This is shrewd move on HOVRS’ part in an attempt to rack the minutes to make money off from FCC.  I received several emails and VP calls from Deaf friends who said that they were contacted by HOVRS employees telling them that they need to register and start calling HOVRS in order to be “ranked” on the HOVRS’ list in order to get MVP!

I personally suspected the main reason why the HOVRS is doing this is to rack up the minutes in order to get the funds from FCC in order to compensate the company that is correcting the glitches with MVP which they are dealing with so far.

But there is no proof as of now.  It is all about speculations.  The whole thing is that people who lives in glass houses should not throw stones.  You see, HOVRS trashed Viable’s products and they had no product to start with.

Get this picture?  Tsk, tsk!



NEXT:  No, You Cannot Use This Sign Because I Own It!

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6: HOVRS — What Is So Special About ‘Em?

Posted by ridor9th on November 13, 2008


Like it or not, the videophones are vital to millions of Deaf individuals across not in this country but across the globe.  Like it or not, the videophones are replacing TTYs these days.  More and more Deaf people are tossing the TTYs in the closets and attics.  The videophones, of course, spawned the need for video relay services.  Needless to say, there are dozens of for-profit VRS companies out there to serve the Deaf people.

SorensonVRS.  CACVRS.  HandsOnVRS.  CSDVRS.  ViableVRS.  SprintRelay.  LifelinksVRS.  HawkRelay.  HamiltonVRS.  SnapVRS to name few.  If I miss anyone else in particular, so sue me.  These companies were created to meet the demands — heck, it’s all about economics:  Supply and demand.

Few people wondered why there are too many VRS companies.  I had to explain about how it works from time to time.  Basically, in this country, the demand will spawn the supply which will spawn the companies.  Then when the profits decline, that’s when the companies will merge or eat each other up in the process.  It happened with banking, retail, internet companies and so on.  It shall happen with VRS companies, sooner or later.

I’m all for VRS companies to make money off from us as long as they involve Deaf people in the process.  As long as they do not exploit us.  As long as they do not manipulate the needs of Deaf people in general.

I’m not a fan of SorensonVRS.  I already made it clear a long time ago that I find them to a major nuisance mainly because they attempted to subjugate the interpreters from switching to other VRS companies — in fact, they created a contract binding them that should they quit, dismiss or terminate at SorensonVRS, they cannot work for another VRS company for a year.  SorensonVRS repeatedly claimed that it is about the code of ethics.

My response?  Bullshit.

Not only that, SorensonVRS also waged a lengthy battle with other VRS companies in preventing the FCC from requiring the interpreters to be certified.  SorensonVRS only wanted “qualified” interpreters because it is cheaper than to hire “certified” interpreters.   SorensonVRS does not give a crap about the quality and ability of interpreters’ ASL as long as it is cheap.   Meanwhile, SorensonVRS also claimed that the main reason why they did this is because there were not enough interpreters out there that are certified.

Yeah, right, like I really believe.

Truth be told, I don’t use SorensonVRS for a long time.

Sorenson has its VP-100 and VP-200.  Some has Ojo.  CSDVRS has D-Link and is currently distributing The Z.  Viable already launched the VPAD and VPAD Plus.  What of HOVRS?  The so-called MVP has been stagnant in delays for the last couple of years!

Unlike others, HOVRS has caught my attention with the way it runs itself in our communities.  Which is what I will cover in 3-part entries on this particular blogsite.

The founder and the CEO of HOVRS was none other than Ronald Obray.  Obray is CODA.  That was kinda cool and nice to know that someone within our community was to run the company that may make money off from our people.  Not only that, Kelby Brick also worked for HOVRS as the Director of Legal and Regulatory Affairs.  Kelby Brick is Deaf attorney that has worked with National Association of the Deaf.  Not bad, right?

Last year, I was surprised to learn that Ronald Obray sold HOVRS to GoAmerica for $35 million in cash.  GoAmerica already swallowed Verizon’s Telecommunication Relay Services a bit earlier before merging with HOVRS.

I was piqued with curiosity about the folks that runs the HOVRS.  The very top officers of HOVRS/GoAmerica — the CEO, President, the Vice-President and all that positions — none of them are Deaf.   Dig it?

One source inside from HOVRS told me that since GoAmerica swallowed HOVRS, there has been an activity of pushing Deaf people aside from climbing up the corporate ladder.  Which is why we do not see any Deaf individual working as an Executive of some sorts at GoAmerica/HOVRS.

That particular source said that the main reason why Deaf individuals were pushed aside is that these current executives claimed and felt that Deaf individuals lack the experience and means to qualify for any top-level positions within GoAmerica/HOVRS.  That is bullshit, folks.  The claims are the same ones that all Deaf individuals had heard from many hearing-oriented corporations.

But this excuse coming from GoAmerica/HOVRS whom garnered millions of dollars from the FCC related to video relay service business is deplorable, simply put!

Look at Viable.  The top-level positions — All of them are Deaf!  CSDVRS?  They have several Deaf individuals running at the top.  So does SprintRelay and SorensonVRS.  It appears to me that this particular company, HOVRS, is systemically preventing the qualified or interested Deaf individuals from getting their positions.

For a company that makes money off from Deaf Communities and yet, scheming to prevent Deaf individuals from attaining the top-level positions is simply despicable.

What says you?



NEXT: What’s Up With HOVRS’ MVP?

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Follow-Up On The Last Entry

Posted by ridor9th on November 9, 2008

Ha!  Guess what?  Barry Sewell attempted to distort the facts by writing an entry on his own blog and prevented anyone from making a comment that contradicts his claims in the making.

I know because I posted few and he immediately removed it as if nothing existed.

He claimed that he is forgiving person.  Ha!  Mormons does not know how to forgive.  They mislead, lie, conquer and cover their tracks.  Remember the Mountain Meadows Massacre?  Ironically, it happened on September 11.  Why do you think the Proposition 8 in California was spearheaded by the Mormon leaders?

Simply put, Mormons like Barry Sewell knew the only way to survive is to lie and lie and lie.   Mormons nourish your core values, Barry Sewell?  Ha!  Yeah, right, like I believe.  Mormons has destroyed many people’s lives and what is so good about it?  Barry, you accused many of having illusions.  Yet, I see that you’re mired in your own illusions — the ones that you created for your own.

1.  He claimed that I got the information from this “lady”‘s father in Gooding, Idaho?   Ha!  No one in Gooding, Idaho has told me anything else about this fucktard.

2.  Barry Sewell claimed that I had a due process with Tayler Mayer.  The truth is that there was no due process from the start.  I have emails to back myself up.

3.  I had a brief conversation with former Intertribal Deaf Council officers who profusely thanked me for deriding Barry Sewell on the facts that he attempted to hijack the organization several years ago.  Many already knew that it was he who operated the Signing Circle and attempted to smear Ella Mae Lentz, Barbara DiGiovanni and David Eberwein of Deaf Bilingual Coalition.  In fact, it was confirmed that Barry Sewell circulated the email to his peers, encouraging them to write a letter to one of DBC leaders’ employment to protest in attempt to get them terminated.  Guess what?  I got the original source.  And as I can see from here, it was Barry Sewell who did propose the idea!

4.  Barry, about your ‘so-called’ wife which you claimed that you knew the source — wrong.  I burst out laughing when you claimed that you knew the source — the one that went to Gallaudet when you were 18 — in fact, the source that I got differed from what you claimed.  Perhaps, you’re talking about someone else that I am not aware of.  But that is not the issue, though.  You miscalculated and misfired, m’dear.

5.  About you ripping Deaf people out of their funds, you can claim, deny or dispel the facts all you want.  But the major problem is that when I heard the first source, I tend to dismiss them.  But I received the second source from different person, it becomes something to wonder.  Then there were four sources (six in total!) from different sources claiming that it was you, Barry Sewell, that swindled them of their thousands dollars.  Six sources from six different sources simply raised a red flag.  It did *not* come from one source, Barry.

Call it an investment if you must to save your face.

6.  Barry, you’re incredibly stupid.  I did not make an advance on married man from Alaska on  Please stop lying, Barry.  All I did was to compliment him of his good looking stance.  People out there in this globe needs to appreciate all kinds of compliments about their own!  Many of my friends, straight and gay alike, knew that I meant well when I complimented them of their appearances.  There is none of sexual advances in that.  Get that through your Mor[m]onic skull, Barry Sewell!

And lastly, you wrote on your entry:

But anyway, since Ridor made advances on me I decided not to open his comments and expose myself with my comments whenever he is present. It is done to protect myself.

What the fuck?  I find you to be ghastly creature.  I never gave you a compliment nor make an advance on you because I find you to be a moron, ugly piece of shit.  You reek of Yosemite Sam which made me cringe to start with.

You must have wild ideas that you actually thought I was making a hit on you.  Bleargh!  Ugh!  Gross!  You’re one of few men out there that I do not find attractive nor sexually compatible.  IN fact, you’re a dipshit, Barry!  Stop making up a story that I was hitting on you, Barry.  I can feel the yellowish feeling going up my spine when you said that line — that was truly disgusting.

Barry.  You.  Are.  Lying.  Simply.  Put.

Give it up, Barry.   Defend all you want, deny all you want — be like Sarah Palin for all I care.  For all I care, you’re just a dipshit living in the middle of nowhere trying to dictate what people wants to live their lives.  And I’m relieved to see that people dismiss your hocus-pocus rants from the start.  That is something to be happy for!

You know the cliche:  Once a Mormon lies, they all lie the same thing!

On Other Hand: Readers, I’m back.  Sorry, I had to take #8 entry off for the legal purposes.  Nothing serious.  For the time being, it shall remain until further notice.

However, the next entry (Actually, the next 3 entries!) are going to stir up the Deaf Communities.  These entries are something that I had been working on for the last 3 weeks.  I researched the sources, gathered the information and composed it all into part-3 series focusing on:

Hands On Video Relay Service!!

And it is not good company, folks!



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