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Follow-Up On The Last Entry

Posted by ridor9th on November 9, 2008

Ha!  Guess what?  Barry Sewell attempted to distort the facts by writing an entry on his own blog and prevented anyone from making a comment that contradicts his claims in the making.

I know because I posted few and he immediately removed it as if nothing existed.

He claimed that he is forgiving person.  Ha!  Mormons does not know how to forgive.  They mislead, lie, conquer and cover their tracks.  Remember the Mountain Meadows Massacre?  Ironically, it happened on September 11.  Why do you think the Proposition 8 in California was spearheaded by the Mormon leaders?

Simply put, Mormons like Barry Sewell knew the only way to survive is to lie and lie and lie.   Mormons nourish your core values, Barry Sewell?  Ha!  Yeah, right, like I believe.  Mormons has destroyed many people’s lives and what is so good about it?  Barry, you accused many of having illusions.  Yet, I see that you’re mired in your own illusions — the ones that you created for your own.

1.  He claimed that I got the information from this “lady”‘s father in Gooding, Idaho?   Ha!  No one in Gooding, Idaho has told me anything else about this fucktard.

2.  Barry Sewell claimed that I had a due process with Tayler Mayer.  The truth is that there was no due process from the start.  I have emails to back myself up.

3.  I had a brief conversation with former Intertribal Deaf Council officers who profusely thanked me for deriding Barry Sewell on the facts that he attempted to hijack the organization several years ago.  Many already knew that it was he who operated the Signing Circle and attempted to smear Ella Mae Lentz, Barbara DiGiovanni and David Eberwein of Deaf Bilingual Coalition.  In fact, it was confirmed that Barry Sewell circulated the email to his peers, encouraging them to write a letter to one of DBC leaders’ employment to protest in attempt to get them terminated.  Guess what?  I got the original source.  And as I can see from here, it was Barry Sewell who did propose the idea!

4.  Barry, about your ‘so-called’ wife which you claimed that you knew the source — wrong.  I burst out laughing when you claimed that you knew the source — the one that went to Gallaudet when you were 18 — in fact, the source that I got differed from what you claimed.  Perhaps, you’re talking about someone else that I am not aware of.  But that is not the issue, though.  You miscalculated and misfired, m’dear.

5.  About you ripping Deaf people out of their funds, you can claim, deny or dispel the facts all you want.  But the major problem is that when I heard the first source, I tend to dismiss them.  But I received the second source from different person, it becomes something to wonder.  Then there were four sources (six in total!) from different sources claiming that it was you, Barry Sewell, that swindled them of their thousands dollars.  Six sources from six different sources simply raised a red flag.  It did *not* come from one source, Barry.

Call it an investment if you must to save your face.

6.  Barry, you’re incredibly stupid.  I did not make an advance on married man from Alaska on  Please stop lying, Barry.  All I did was to compliment him of his good looking stance.  People out there in this globe needs to appreciate all kinds of compliments about their own!  Many of my friends, straight and gay alike, knew that I meant well when I complimented them of their appearances.  There is none of sexual advances in that.  Get that through your Mor[m]onic skull, Barry Sewell!

And lastly, you wrote on your entry:

But anyway, since Ridor made advances on me I decided not to open his comments and expose myself with my comments whenever he is present. It is done to protect myself.

What the fuck?  I find you to be ghastly creature.  I never gave you a compliment nor make an advance on you because I find you to be a moron, ugly piece of shit.  You reek of Yosemite Sam which made me cringe to start with.

You must have wild ideas that you actually thought I was making a hit on you.  Bleargh!  Ugh!  Gross!  You’re one of few men out there that I do not find attractive nor sexually compatible.  IN fact, you’re a dipshit, Barry!  Stop making up a story that I was hitting on you, Barry.  I can feel the yellowish feeling going up my spine when you said that line — that was truly disgusting.

Barry.  You.  Are.  Lying.  Simply.  Put.

Give it up, Barry.   Defend all you want, deny all you want — be like Sarah Palin for all I care.  For all I care, you’re just a dipshit living in the middle of nowhere trying to dictate what people wants to live their lives.  And I’m relieved to see that people dismiss your hocus-pocus rants from the start.  That is something to be happy for!

You know the cliche:  Once a Mormon lies, they all lie the same thing!

On Other Hand: Readers, I’m back.  Sorry, I had to take #8 entry off for the legal purposes.  Nothing serious.  For the time being, it shall remain until further notice.

However, the next entry (Actually, the next 3 entries!) are going to stir up the Deaf Communities.  These entries are something that I had been working on for the last 3 weeks.  I researched the sources, gathered the information and composed it all into part-3 series focusing on:

Hands On Video Relay Service!!

And it is not good company, folks!




29 Responses to “Follow-Up On The Last Entry”

  1. curious said

    Give us a disclosure…what VRS company do you work for? (you have said your sis works for Viable but that you don’t work there but at another company…that’s why I am asking).

    You did mention that you preferred Viable and CSDVRS. Do you work for CSDVRS?

  2. ridor9th said

    Curious, whom I work is none of your business.


  3. On Behalf of Ridor said


    Your story is so awesome and very bluntly clarification on Barry Sewell’s identify as long as his action already exposes to outside of our deaf community. He can’t hide truth by himself to us therefore, he can’t even cheat on you and us because his filthy heart was stinky and worm living inside to show that he is living with Devil!

    Go Ridor! We all love you as good warrior!

  4. ? said

    I know several people who wouldn’t share the thought in the public…like me. You’re so brave, but there is no way to prove it in Deafread.

  5. I love you, Ridor! Oh my goshness, Barry Sewell tried to edit his blog now. What’s pathetic he is – if he is telling the truth and honest, how come he never mention about the name of his company!?! Are these people (the followers) that idiot to worship him? I have never heard of business that hiding their company. I haven’t seen Starbucks, Wal-mart, McDonald hide their brands. Now, he is accusing on his father, eventually he is still following his next step, weird!?! Mormon always think they are “Mr. Right” or “Mr. Perfect” without being honest about their denials. No wonder I always love you!

  6. ridor9th said

    Yeah! Barry is trying to distort the information by editing and phasing out some commentators.

    It’s hysterical.


  7. KH said

    wouldn’t be surprised to see what you got to say about Hand-On VRS! They still owe me $50 for vendor booth fee from last year! I collected from CSDVRS, Sprint, and Sorenson but not HOVRS! Oh well!

  8. Trevor said


    Check out Cazona, Inc. first in Nevada where its corporate charter was revoked by the state, and currently is incorporated in Wyoming where it is technically in good standing.

    It was incorporated in Wyoming 5 months before the company in Nevada failed, and the assets from the Nevada companies that were subsidiaries of Cazona (Ruby Mountain Enterprises, and possibly were transferred to the Wyoming corporation, although several of these assets remain physically in Nevada.

    Barry’s father owned a patent, which Barry formed a company around. You can see Barry owned the failed and gutted corporation, not his father by looking it up under the Nevada corporations website:

    – Trevor

  9. وحي said

    Ha! Guess what? Barry Sewell attempted to distort the facts by writing an entry on his own blog and prevented anyone from making a comment that contradicts his claims in the making.

    I know because I posted few and he immediately removed it as if nothing existed.

    Like I said – it’s called Karma, you idiot. Now, delete this post like that other idiot deleted yours (and like you deleted my last response because you disagreed with it). The Bad Karma keeps building up until it falls on you and squashes you flat.

  10. ridor9th said

    Your last response was filled with offensive slurs that reek of racism, homophobia and false accusations which I am obliged to remove.

    And about your latest response: What the *fuck* are you talking about?!

    The way you wrote, it is obvious that you’re quite bitter about something else that I am not aware of.


  11. Silly Tony said

    Congratulations, you have the highest number of visits in DeafRead EXTRA. Lol. At least your blog is in a popular Deaf aggregator. It would be nice if your blog could provide video responses for your fans and enemies just like Joey Baer’s ASL Vlog.

  12. Trevor said

    Hi Ridor,

    Barry is correct that Ruby Mountain Enterprises, Inc. was dissolved, and its assets folded into the Wyoming Cazona, Inc. However, the Nevada Cazona, Inc, which formerly owned RME, Inc. actually had its corporate charter revoked by the state of Nevada, something most typically done in cases of demonstrated fraud, such as moving assets off the books of a subsidiary company to a newly-created company in another state.

    Ridor might like to ask his 6 investors if they ever received any notification or approved such an out-of-state transfer of their funds. I would be surprised if they had.

    No matter, Mr. Sewell no doubt wants to make amends to the investors he has been unable to contact. Since they no longer have any reason to trust thim, he can most easily make amends by posting the delayed funds plus interest to date to escrow accounts in each previously-uncontactable investor’s name (since he has these names in his records).

    Once this is done, it is a simple matter for him to publically inform them of the bank holding these escrow accounts, allowing the investors to demonstrate their identities to the escrow bank to recover their funds.

    Alternatively, Mr. Sewell’s companies and their assets are subject to disclosure to IRS audit. If the escrow account relief is not forthcoming, the investors can recover 30% of any monies recovered by the IRS. This has the advantage that the investors can remain anonomous to Mr. Sewell, and just allow the IRS to perform the investigation into their alleged defraudment. The IRS has the ability to pierce the corporate veil of these convoluted shell companies, force disclosure of bank records, and best of all has first dibs on his assets. This means that any other lienholders must take a backseat to the IRS when attempting to recover their lost funds.

    Information on obtaining relief via an IRS whistleblower award can be found at:,,id=180171,00.html

    Hopefully this will not be necessary. If Mr. Sewell is the honest man he claims to be, he will be eager to set up the escrow accounts and replace their lost money with interest.

    – Trevor

  13. Barry Sewell must be fraud to the system. The record under Wyoming State of Secretary did not mention about name of old company. The old company was in Nevada and it was filed before the one in Wyoming, both were in very same year, weirdo. Interesting, both addresses were same. Under Wyoming at and under Nevada at

    Also, Barry’s family members on board are conflict of interst! IRS needs to know about it. Barry can’t just go on his own way.

  14. Deaf Anonymous said

    Oh, I guess a couple of Bricks will fall hard. I tire of their tag-teaming on VRS issues.

  15. Deaf Anonymous said

    Whatever goes on with Hands On Video Relay service (HOVRS) is a direct reflection of GoAmerica Communications Corp. / Purple Communication Inc. Varied subsidiaries of Go America, Inc. / Purple Communications, Inc. (IP-Relay, i711, SLA and VLI) will be fucked up beyond recognition.

  16. Anonymous said


    Barry is offering you to contact him to discuss about his business and clarify issues between you two.

    It is healthy for both of you to resolve issues and then move on than printed slanderous statement in this blog that may have terrible consquences imposed on you. Freedom of speech is allowed as long statements are true whether it is bad or good that is where we cherish our freedom of speech under 1st amendment.

    Think about this ok?

  17. anonymous said

    Another opinion about Barry’s investment “expertise” Deleted from DVTV, so reposted here.

  18. blah said

    Mormons put up half of the money to push for Prop 8! Talk about religion and tolerance for others! yeaaa…. right!

  19. barrylielielie said

    Barry lie again!

    Middle name imprinted on birth certificate NOT “DR” True middle name imprinted on birth certificate “Delray”

    More lie from “Delray” NOT DR Hocokan! Pretend Dr, caught, say oh no! “loveable parents give DR name. Imprinted on birth certificate” Keep fool other people THINK REAL DOCTOR.

    Dirty business!

  20. Steve V. said

    wELL- I HATE THIS “dr” BARRY STILLWELL. I HATE HIM BECUASE OF AL THE F–king DAMAGES HE HAS done TO THE DEAF COMMUNITY. How can anyone trust a man who threatned, at one point, to expose private IM conversations? This man has no morals at all. I remember the way he baited and call a lot of my firends ugly names during the DBC issue. He showed what a real selftish ass he is.

  21. GENO the Warrior said

    Hey Deaf People!
    Sorry but I’m not “deaf”, however, I did know this Barry Sewell fella since 1993 but haven’t contacted him in 10 years then all of a sudden we met again at the IDC gathering in San Carlos Apache Rez. We remained friends for a short time and I have come to realize immediately that he is a self-ass kissing narccisists. He also suffers from from a mild identity crisis. Why did I say that? Because he has been changing his names(psuedoynms, alias, monikers etcertera) many times since I first met him again in 2006. Now he calls himself Dr. Hocokan. As a Native American I am very angry with him stealing and denigrating my culture, philosphies, and native wisdom to suit his own interests in order to promote his falsified agenda. Its wrong. I’m always trying to tell other Natives not to fall for his hypocrisies. The guy is a hypocrite at best. A travesty to our people. Just so ya all know.


  22. Joanie said

    Hi GENO the Warrior,

    Please help stop Barry by finding other true IDC stories and posting them here. He has hurt a LOT of people, and is hurting more. See his lies about the IDC and other groups at:

    …and help tell the truth about this Bad Man, so he can be stopped.


  23. anonymous said

    More on Hocokan:

  24. anonymous said

    More on Hocokan:

    Most of the links in BEWARE.pdf no longer work, because Barry has removed the sites.

  25. anonymous said

    Also, see comments 8, 12 and 13 in this blog for more about how Barry runs his “investment” companies. Any more evidence you have will help Ridor get the 6 cheated investors some help!

  26. anonymous said

    The latest of his disappearing acts is This link was killed off recently enough that you can still find it in Google cache:

    We now know not to believe anything he printed there, but he temporarily damaged a lot of good people’s reputation for no other reason than to make himself look like their savior, just like he did with the IDC according to what BEWARE.pdf says.

  27. Pro Ridors said

    You see that Dr. Hocokan is truly Anti-Christ or Beast! Do you agree with this comment?

  28. curiouslady said

    Ridor, check this out you might find this interesting:

  29. Spencer said

    I’ve been staying out of this whole thing with Barry Sewell, but there are a few things I thought should be clarified. I want to say, before I begin, that I can PROVE everything I’m about to say, so it’s not “hearsay.”

    1. Barry Sewell is not an active Mormon. He has, in fact, been excommunicated. Please don’t start pointing fingers at the Mormons when you talk about Barry. Barry uses this to convince people he is honest and a good person. it’s just another one of his tricky tools.

    2. Barry’s father sold the patent rights years ago–approximately 18 years go. So…if Barry says he has a company or business that’s related to his father’s patent–he’s lying big time. They don’t even own the patent anymore.

    3. Barry’s father has filed for bankruptcy at least 4 times, that I KNOW of. His son Bobby has done the sam thing and so has Barry. The whole family thrives on that kind of thing–trickery, getting investors, borrowing money, then filing bankruptcy.

    4. The Sewells keep their “women” under a tight leash. There’s clearly intimidation and oppression going on. Some people have called this brainwashing–and they may just be right. Barry’s mother suffers a great deal and yet has followed her husband everywhere, trying to create a life out of whatever mess he has made. Barry does the same thing with his wife, Crystal, who he seduced right out of high school in her JUNIOR year. He took a beautiful, intelligent woman with alot of potential and turned her into his personal slave. Those of us that knew Crystal well back in high school are cut off from her and we all bemoan the loss of her potential and friendship.

    I only hope Crystal’s goodness has prevented Barry from totally destroying their kids.

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