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What of Luke Adams?

Posted by ridor9th on April 21, 2009

I’m not a fan of The Amazing Race. Once in a while, whenever I get bored, I watch it.  But since it comes at the same time with The Family Guy — I tend to watch the Griffiths over The Amazing Race.

Since Gay Boy Ritchie has disappeared off the map from BRAVO’s Janice Dickinson’s Modelling Agency and Marlee Matlin is promoting her book, I’ll Scream Later — having Deaf people on tube is still scarce these days.  So it was refreshing to see Luke Adams and Margaret Adams competing on a reality-based TV show, The Amazing Race.

Luke is Deaf and graduated from Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind in Colorado Springs, Colorado — Colorado Springs is the hotbed of religious fanaticism, just take a good look at Ted Haggard and James Dobson, really but I digress.

Luke’s mother, Margaret Adams, is hearing.  She really cannot sign very well.  But she basically signs and voice at the same time which made me cringe to no end.

Luke expresses his desire to be a “role model” for others which I disagreed.  He is not even a good role model to start with, really.  He’s one incredibly spoiled brat on the show but he’s one of the most entertaining and competitive person on the show.

The Amazing Race has challenges and obstacles which each group gets to complete the tasks — sometimes, there are options where you use it to your advantages by derailing other contestants.  I was informed that in the last four seasons, no groups has used the blind u-turn trick on others.  No one did until Luke did.  Luke-Margie (Some coined them as Lu-gie, though, on some message boards!) was the first group that used the blind u-turn trick which derailed another group into being eliminated.

My reaction?  Good for Luke and Margie — they are not in to make friends.  They are in to win $1,000,000.00!  Use your fucking common sense!!  There is no time to befriend and pant like a dog — it is dog eat dog world!

However, there are scenes where Luke tricked others by saying that a gorilla was signing — prompted the hearing contestants trying to figure out what the gorilla was trying to say.  It was so funny.  Not only that, there was a scene in Episode 9 which Luke and an African-American contestant, Jen collided at the clue box.  Jen attempted to push her hands over Luke’s left shoulder which prompted Luke to elbow her to give him space.

Jen backed off but she signed, “Bitch!” at Luke which surprised me completely.

That bitch is appalling, is it?  Luke apparently did not see what Jen said but Margie told Luke in the car that Jen was signing the word.  Needless to say, Luke was incensed.

Lakisha & Jen conspired to piss Luke off and to make him look bad in front of everyone else on CBS and they managed to do that nicely as there was another clue box which Luke crashed into Jen’s back and it was so dramatic.

Later, the Host of The Amazing Race, Phil tried to sort the physical confrontation between Lakisha/Jen & Luke/Margie — When Jen spoke her side of the story, Luke listened.  When Luke started to sign, Jen snickered — it was obvious that this bitch was sneering at Luke all along which prompted Luke to walk away and signed, “You bitch!” at Jen/Lakisha.

Luke is right — Jen and Lakisha are bitches.

The preview of the Episode 10 appears to show that Jen & Lakisha may be eliminated because there is an obstacle that requires them to swim — and one of these bitches are deathly terrified of water.

I hope they get eliminated in the next episode — or better yet, I hope they drown!

However, it is distressing to note that there are many threads on’s The Amazing Race message boards which was created against Luke Adams.  They called him spoiled, immature, childish, evil, sinister, slut to name few.  It is quite amazing.

And Luke still wants to be a role model?  Nah, I don’t think so, honey!

But the positive thing about Lu-gie is that I wanted them to win $1 million.  I still wanted them to win.  There are only 4 groups left and Lu-gie are still in it.

What do you think of Luke, Margie and the whole fiasco on The Amazing Race?  I hate to say that this show is much better than CBS’ Survivor which one Deaf contestant, Christy Smith, appeared briefly.



5 Responses to “What of Luke Adams?”

  1. Disagree said

    For a change, I agree with you! This is a purely business.


  2. Matthew said

    Welcome back, Ricky! It’s been way too long.

    Totally off topic: “Perez Hilton” (Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr.) = Bottom Feeder

  3. Deaf Anonymous said

    Look forward to your pending post, “NEXT: No, You Cannot Use This Sign Because I Own It!”


  4. Thinking said

    Do you think Margie and Luke got eliminated?

    They were not present during the shown previews for the last leg of the race. The previews were during daytime…this leg ended in nighttime…so I guess the previews are really for the last leg.

    Wanna make any comments of this tonight’s leg? The fact that this leg continues into next Sunday’s show leaves a mystery as who got eliminated.

  5. luke sucks said

    i know luke adams from rit. he sucks!

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