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I’ll Scream Later

Posted by ridor9th on April 24, 2009

I went to a local bookstore to skim the latest book by Marlee matlin.  No, I did not buy the book but yes, I finished reading it in 2 hours at the bookstore.

Boy, Matlin is one big drama queen.  I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Among some interesting information:

She was molested by a neighborhood female babysitter.  Female! She was taken advantage by a teacher at a local high school who also cheated on his wife as well.

William Hurt and she frequently engaged in physical confrontations — that was one lame-assed and tiresome tale throughout the book.  I’m like, “Just.  Fucking.  Dump.  Him.  Already!”

Just like Deaf people needs to dump the fucktard Barry Sewell.

I’m surprised that Marlee Matlin chose not to mention the birthday fiasco caused by Terrylene whom barged in Matlin’s surprise party to blast her for not inviting her in the first place.  Actually, it was Ken Elks who organized the party but he neglected to include Terrylene who in the process blamed Matlin.  This is one of several infamous rumors in Los Angeles that I heard of.

I thought Marlee was an outstanding actress from day one.  So when William Hurt took a swipe at her that she needs to go to NYU to study in acting few hours after she won the Oscars.  Ouch!  That was pathetic of Hurt to do that.

Yes, it is true that I absolutely hated Matlin’s selection of a dress which she wore to pick up the Best Actress Award — it was hideous and she eventually landed on the Worst Dressed List.  Next time, dump the glasses, Marlee!

It was quite touching to read about Marlee’s relationship with Henry Winkler.  It appears that Henry kinda became Marlee’s surrogate father when she lived in Los Angeles.  The sight of him tumbling down the stairs in his underwear must be something else to see!  Lucky her.

Did you know that when Marlee and Richard Dean Anderson chatted, he asked her to sit with him under the dining table, just to chat with her?!  That’s pretty unique and cool, is it?!

The book is truly charming.  But there is always buts, right?

For years, I always felt that Marlee’s so-called best friend, manager and interpreter, Jack Jason, himself CODA has manipulated, controlled and steered Marlee’s life around the world.  There was something about Jack Jason that my guts was warning me from day one.  For years, my guts said that Jack Jason is not exactly the professional interpreter — he’s in to control her life completely.

After reading the book, I’m convinced that yes, Jack Jason is controlling Marlee from day one.  My guts said that Jack Jason has supplied Marlee with one-sided view of things within Hollywood and Deaf Community.  And after reading the book, it was confirmed.

You know how it goes with the CODAs, they tend to take over and control the situations out of their bad habits with their parents and it was evident that Marlee gathered the majority of information about Deaf people through Jack Jason.

What Marlee needs to do is to phase Jack Jason out of her life or minimize Jack’s manipulations, at least.

Oh, when Marlee was interviewed on CBS’ Early Morning or whatever — did you see this African-American anchorwoman telling Jack Jason that Marlee does not need to know about what she said to the viewers regarding the next topic when they shall cover after returning from the commercials?  Robin Roberts, the African-American anchorwoman, was telling Jack Jason that Marlee does not need to know what she was going to speak to the viewers about the next segment!  Don’t you get it, folks?

I’m surprised that Marlee did not get offend by that and there was no uproar from Deaf people all over the country about what this anchorwoman said to Marlee.

I guess, we were too busy watching Barry Sewell attacking Ella Mae Lentz repeatedly, eh?





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  1. Kalalau's Fan said

    Yes, of course you are damn fawking right that we were too busy watching BS non-stop bashing down on Ella Mae Lentz forever!!

    We were too busy reading MM attacking Carl Schroeder, the Gisbatzed repeatedly on this blog links:
    1. Dear Carl (part 1):
    2. Dear Carl (part 2) :
    3. Today!!!!

    Worst shameful!

    Hope you have a CHEERFUL weekend!

  2. RLM said

    I did mention earlier about the female babysitter sexually molested MM on my blog posting last week ago.

    I was kinda surprised to see MM not have any hostile attitudes toward GLBT people because of her experience with the female babysitter.

    Too bad, the statute of limitation for sexual molestation of any youngsters always up to 5 to 10 years.

    Many victims of sexual molestations have emotional difficulty of confronting any sexual molestors.

    I did skim the book, but want to buy the book to support MM. I did find the book to be a worthwhile reading. After skimming the books and looked at various pictures which left me more touched for MM.

    Ella Mae Lentz could just ignore Barry Sewell and go on with her activism.


  3. ASLforLife said


    I already reported to Tayler from my email today this morning. Here’s a copy and pasted from my sending email to Tayler:

    CC: 3 Deaf vloggers

    I remember that Barry did told you to remove his youtube account from DVTV because he do NOT feel SAFE… But why is Barry using his son youtube account twice to get more attention on DVTV to bash down on AFA purposely ???? Interesting!!!

    So is Barry teaching his son how to bash down on AFA on purposely??? Very interesting to watch Barry’s video comment to bash down on Deafwomynpride under BGA’s vlog!!! I cannot apologize to that child because I disagreed with Barry using his son’s youtube account because Barry wants to become “Attention Seeker” on DVTV on purposely!!!

    I am so proud of Jehanne because she is more independently without relying on her own mother!!!

    Thank you for your own time to read my freedom of speech or express! Respectfully yours, shawn

    • LChaim2007 said


      Let me tell you same thing as I did email to Tayler several weeks ago with my complaining against Barry Dr Hocokan Sewell because he said in his word that he is on protesting against ASLEVERYDAY and won’t be in vlog till Tayler has to terminate ASLEVERYDAY from DVTV then he come back but now He uses his son’s account to make vlog. I said to Tayler “Barry is not practice what he preaches!” I feel that Barry already brokes his word to anyone!

      Tayler never responses to me about this issue. I promise you that Tayler will NOT discuss with you over this issue in his email!

      That is still low function on Barry’s word! He never learn anything to be honest to anyone!


      • ASLforLife said


        Thanks for letting me know about this issues. I feel that it is NOT appropriate for Barry using 2 straight vlogs from his son youtube account before his son was brainwashed from his dad’s influencing bashing AFA down on purposely and plan to have the “IRONY” wait until first AFA Supporter, Ella came out without knowing his son made that vlog on purposely .. What is going on with that IRONY tricks with no respect!!!!???

        And also I do NOT understand that Barry twisted his words too many times to Tayler about “not safe on DVTV”, then act like crying baby “to protest ASLEveryday from DVTV” and then his son said different story that Barry will not be back until Tayler needs to set up DVTV 2.0???? What the heck is going on with that too many different stories!!!

        Yes, I agreed with you, LChaim that Barry never learn anything to be honest. He has some obsessive problems for too long and took advantage of his son’s vlog to bash AFA down on purposely… He do NOT know how to respect any AFA and DBC supporters at all. Agreed with you that “Barry is NOT practice what he preaches!” since he do NOT know how to respect any AFA and DBC supporters at all… He educated other viewers how to bash on AFA and DBC supporters with NO RESPECT!!!

        Will email you asap! FYI: I already got your email recently again. Thanks for letting me know the update info about here in St. Louis..

  4. Kym said

    I liked your mini re-cap of MM’s book. I may wait until my local library has it and pick it up there.

    I don’t think MM harbored any ill feelings towards the GLBT community, it was an isolated incident and obviously the person was a pediophile.

    Don’t forget she was recently on the L word and had some scenes with Jennifer Beals, I don’t think there was any animiosity there. 🙂

    Good post.

  5. Penny said

    You made me laugh as usual. You do have sense of humor. It took you two hours to finish the book? Serious? You read much faster than me hee hee. We surely miss seeing you in DVTV…I still do not understand why you got banned there. You have respect for Deaf culture, ASL, Deaf community and yet you got banned…Barry insulted to Deaf community many times…bashed organizations, leaders, and using his children as weapons. I feel sorry for his children as he put them in danger. I guess he does not care…that is his pattern…cycle of abuse.

    Anyway my message here is that I hope to see you in vlogs soon. Hey maybe try to get a blog like Mike Schdmidt so you can do your vlog from time time? 🙂

  6. Steve V. said

    Can you please tell me: what is the Ella Mae- Barry (Jerk) Sewell issue? I have been away from the Deaf blogsphere. I do agree with you, Ridor, regarding that Jerk, Barry “Shithead” Sewell. I had an arguement with him over at Pro-Barry Miska Zena Blog last year. That woman, Elizabeth, supported Sewell. I will never belive nor will I will ever checked her blog. Ever.

    • Steve V., basically Barry used his son, Cobi, to produce a vlog in slamming Ella Mae Lentz and Audism Free America. And I find it very disturbing that a father would manipulate his own son on to attack an outstanding leader like Ella Mae and yet, Tayler Mayer did do nothing about it.

      Not only that, misusing AFLAC’s duck is a copyright infringement on AFLAC’s part, I believe.

      As for Elizabeth of MishkaZena, she’s mental nutcase. I steer clear from people like her. I find it disturbing that she would attempt to get in touch with my siblings just to find out what I’m doing these days. Good thing I already instructed my siblings not to utter a word to anyone else like Elizabeth. After all, you do not know what she intends to do things like that to me one day!


      • Steve V. said

        Ridor- many thanks for the explainations. F%^$#! MZ and B “shithead” Sewell!

        I ageew ith all of you here. Tyler is NOT BEING FAIR TO you, Ridor.
        Take care.

        Steve V.

  7. allen said

    Barry Sewell is so sick that he uses his son. His son is a carbon copy of Barry. It is very sad that he has no manners. Barry has taught bad things to his son that it is ok to insult adults. We would have no problem if Corbi said he disagrees with this or that, but to insult adults. People see Barry’s true colors! Amy Efron Cohen’s true colors, too. She is a school psychologist trying to defend a child who mocks people. Report her to Georgia Board of Education! Report her to Altanta school for the Deaf. Report her to the license board. Report her everywhere. She was the one who made a video comment of her reaction to a porn show called two girls and one cup, but immediately removed it after a warning from her school.

  8. drmzz said

    Ridor, interesting and revealing read as always. I dunno about Jack (I know his sweet family) but I’m surprised he lasted this long all considering. Very CODA yes. As for Barry Sewer, Penny is right that he should had been booted from DVTV long ago. He declared that he’s leaving several times but that fool never left. Always amazes me the number of lemmings that follow this cartoon.

    Penny, grin. Ridor said many times before that he’s more into blogging. He will vlog when he feels like it.

    • Jean said


      It is really good to see Ridor resume his blogging.
      Every word he scribbles becomes very much alive. A rare talent.

      Keep blogging, Ridor!

  9. Penny said


    You are correct that Ridor prefers blogging. I remember he shared that with us before. Thanks for reminding me however I love watching him on video too. I just thought it would be cool if he has a blog where he can write and do vlog when he is up to it. 🙂

  10. While I think what Barry is doing with his son is disgusting, I think some of you have missed the point Amy was trying to make. All she was saying that bullying a child is NOT acceptable. Because that is exactly what is happening. The Deaf community is bullying one of their own children!

    And personally, I find it appalling that adults would behave like a child themselves, to retaliate against a *child* who’s been clearly coached by his father.

    You all should be pitying Cobi, not bullying him! And for you to call Amy’s workplace, because she was asking you all to stop bullying… I think that says something about your ethics and integrity.

    • DeafPundit, I certainly understand your point. I find the whole fiasco which Barry used his son to further his agenda disturbing and revolting.

      As for Amy, she basically clamored that there is freedom of speech which I disagreed. Deafvideo and Deafread is privately-owned entity which has the means to restrict whatever they wanted to.

      To be honest with you, my respect for Amy Cohen Efron has diminished over time as I am beginning to see the true colors on her part in creating the rift among Deaf communities. She loves to talk, but I have yet to see her walk the walk, you know?

      As for pity Cobi, I agreed. When Cobi finally realized that he was manipulated, he’ll bang his head repeatedly. That’s the day I would say: Schadenfreude! 😉

      As for someone calling Amy’s employment … I agreed with you, DeafPundit, it speaks of one’s ethics and integrity but guess what? Someone did that to me a little while ago and it nearly got me in trouble. And did you, at least, defend me on this? You did not. So what’s the difference? I’m curious.


      • allen said

        I agree with you. Amy Cohen Efron and people are hypocrites because they did call Barb Digi’s workplace. Nobody defends her. Watching Amy laughing about a porn show — Two girls and One Cup is sickening. Children are watching her. We do not want Amy around children. She also approves Cobi making fun of audism. Would she approve a child making a satire video about an organization trying to stop racism? Hell no! She understands nothing about “isms”. A child needs to be taught about respect. Talk nice to adults even if they insult him. He can say that he is sorry that the adult has to resort to insults. That is it, but to insult an adult back? That says a lot about his father. What lessons is he teaching Cobi. No manners. He will not be a leader until he changes his behaviors. I have no problem children being involved with politics, but in a polite way! Ever hear of the line — I respectfully disagree because… —

      • I wasn’t even aware you were employed, Ridor. So I don’t know anything about anyone calling up on you to get you in trouble.

        Allen, really?

        Just a couple of months ago, DVTV was full of vloggers discussing the 2 girl, 1 cup video. I don’t see you being upset about that… but only with Amy? You know what that tells me? It tells me you have an axe to grind.

      • Whether if you knew (or not) that I have employment is not relevant.

        Even if I have a job, it is still none of your business, you know? But unfortunately for me, our community insists that my employment and love life must be theirs as well.

        I was alarmed when someone attempted to trash me by getting in touch with my employment. I did mention once on my blog and there was no uproar or anything like that at all. That was quite disturbing.

        As for Barb DiGi, it is true. She personally told me that several of Sewage’s cohorts DID make several calls to her bosses regarding her DBC activism. Lucky for her, her boss already knew that she was doing good things with DBC.


      • allen said

        Deaf Pundit

        Who says I wasn’t disturbed by all vloggers who participated in the two girls and one cup stuff? I am even more alarmed that Amy Cohen Efron AS A SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGIST OF ATLANTA SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF participated in that kind of thing. She always goes preaching deaf people about how THEIR behaviors are inappropriate, but never ONCE thinks about her OWN behavior.

  11. drmzz said

    Penny, his duo ut vlogs with his bro couple months ago were pretty cool. Hint hint.

  12. Penny said

    Mike, yeah I saw that and thought it was so lovely and funny too. They should have their own TV show since both of them are different by night and day!!! I wish I have a Deaf sibling. Not fair! 🙂

  13. drmzz said

    A Deaf Pundit, true. We have to remind ourselves as well. That’s why I stepped out DVTV once Barry’s son account was placed in front of me and they panicked and transferred the videos to Arezoo’s site. Not cool. Some people are willing to go that low to prove a point. In the end, I was able to personally remove a vlog by copyright infringement rights. It was a strong exit that I was satisfied with since I was at DVTV from the start. Once Ridor left, it was over anyway.

  14. breezewave said

    Williams Hurt is a hero after coming out to apologized MM. Now the babysitter and the teacher need to come out and tell MM how sorry u are …. It is time for u two to get that out of your system …. Don’t be coward!!!!!!!!

  15. LChaim2007 said


    It’s very interesting to me!!! Hmmm Oh guess what??? I am very extremely miserable to see this low function vlog under Barry’s son. I can see clearly that Barry uses his son to be so called “Child Poster” obviously under his age. I feel sorry for Cobi because Barry has bad influence on him and hope he would be like Barry’s way. One day his son will be more rebel against Barry. Again, You know what? He has his own accountability of this action therefore we let him go!

    Put Barry in the stinky trash! Let Ella Mae Lentz be bright sunny and warm!

    • ASLforLife said

      Yes, LChaim2007!!! Agreed with you that Ella Mae Lentz deserves to have more CHEERFUL weekend!!! Most people think and misunderstand that Ella is in charge of AFA… NO!! AFA is from New York not in California!!!

  16. Shane Gilchrist said

    hey Ricky,

    just a quickie to say how much I like your entry on MM 😀

    excellent job!

    Shane xx

  17. Don G. said

    Not that I support the Sewer — you know I don’t, just trying to be fairminded here– but how do you KNOW he bullied his son into doing the vlog (I haven’t seen it — don’t go over to dvtv much)? How do you know Sewer wasn’t just spouting his usual crap at the dinner table and inspired his son to support his Daddy’s arguments? Kids do learn to think what their parents think…

    • True, Don! From what I learned, the Sewage children are home-schooled — it makes it much easier for Sewage to spout their rhetoric and indoctrinate their children from day one.

      I look forward to the day Cobi wakes up and realize that his father is a big-time jerk.


  18. RLM said

    Hey everyone,

    Is there any way to post Barry Sewell’s son vlogged on the DVTV? I would like to see it myself. I am sure that others would, too.

    That seems about our own universe stoop to the low level bashing individuals without offering any significant solutions.

    We need to see (hear) everyone’s side before drawing our judgement.

    Don’t many deaf people usually ask Ridor’s siblings to find out what Ridor is up to, especially at the deaf expo or deaf social time?

    My understanding is that MZ (Elizabeth of Misha Zena) just was concerned about Ridor and wanted to find out how Ridor was doing so far.

    We need to be fair-minded, instead of being judgemental and quick-drawed assumption among ourselves, Deaf America.

    Robert L. Mason (RLM)

    • ASLforLife said


      If I am concern about Ridor, I would NOT put Ridor’s sister in the middle between me and Ridor! NO WAAAAY!!! Simply put that I would just email straight to Ridor if I am concern about him. If I am a professional blogger, I would NOT take advantage of Ridor’s sister by cheating with the popular numbers of readers! Thanks for your own time to read my reply msg. Hope you will have a very good day! Shawn

      • ridor9th said

        Shawn, you nailed this! You’re right that if someone is concerned about me, they can CONTACT me rather than through my siblings!

        RLM, actually I was told that MZ was inquiring about my private life which alarmed my sister and in turn, she contacted me about it. Capisce?


  19. RLM said


    You really did not know the full story what happened between MZ and Ridor’s siblings.

    To tell you the truth, I witnessed many times about too many deaf people walked up to Ridor’s family members and asked them what Ridor have been up to, etc.

    What is the difference between MZ’s sincere outreach to Ridor’s siblings and other deaf people’s usual inquiries to Ridor’s siblings at various deaf social places and events?

    I kinda see the double standards by almost everyone on daily basis. People in general are pretty complicated creatures like many men struggle to understand women what they really want. Same thing with women feeling frustrated with their own men, too.

    Such miscommunication and misunderstanding uusally lead to many unintentional things.

    I am sure that Ridor do the same thing by inquiring other people what the particular individual is up to and flap his hands on the ear – typical RT feature and laugh and laugh endlessly.

    That is only the unique Ridor we know of. 🙂


    • ASLforLife said

      Hello RLM,

      Good to read your message. Well, I may NOT want to know the full whole story with what happened between MZ and Ridor because I may not want to be involve in their issues or problems. That is between Ridor and MZ.

      The reason that I did replied to you because I want to explain to you with my own experiences, sometimes my Deaf son’s friends emailed me or came to my home asking me how is my Deaf son doing. My Deaf son do not appreciated me to tell them with the update news about my Deaf son. My Deaf son prefers his friends email to him not me. So I have to respect my Deaf son’s wish and his private personal life. Sometimes I get email from my Deaf son’s friends and I did told them to go ask my Deaf son if they are curious about him.

      Thanks for allowing me to share with you, RLM.


  20. ASLforLife said


    FYI: Your post is now on Extra DeafRead! Boy, DeafRead do NOT respect your freedom of speech! I already voted for your blog!

  21. Penny said

    Yeah I noticed that too…Editors did this to SCREW us. Nothing new since they have been using their HUGE middle finger to the Deaf community from day one. Editors APPROVED junk blogs with false information and blogs that promote cochlear implants on babies and PUT them in FRONT PAGE. Editors approved RIM and PUT him in FRONT PAGE. EDITORS APPROVED RIM!!!! EDITORS are ashamed of RIDOR because he stands up for Deaf community and ASL and decided in last minute to PUT HIM IN EXTRA DEAFREAD to fucking shut him up. EDITORS APPROVED RIM for criticizing Carl and they did not fucking shut him up. What is this?

    • ridor9th said

      That is pretty typical of Tayler Mayer — remember who runs the DeafRead? MZ.

      She’s mental nutcase who seems to hold Tayler’s balls from day one.


  22. Don G. said

    So that’s what happened…. I came back looking for this blog and it was missing! Thought DeafRead had deleted it. Oh. Moved to Extra…. join the club, Ridor!

    But seriously, did they give ANY reason why they decided to do this NOW after it had already been up on the front page? They are getting truly arbitrary in their decision-making about where v/blogs go….

    • ridor9th said

      Don’t ask me. I have ceased to question DeafRead’s antics.

      They are not consistent. Too bad, DR has a potential and they consistently underperformed.


  23. RLM said


    I get your point! I understand why and what you meant.

    Same thing with me which many unscrupolous deaf people tried to pluck personal information regarding me from my deaf mother (deceased) and deaf cousins what I have been doing so far.

    I told my deaf mother NOT to reveal anything info about me to anyone deaf. That was not anyone’s business. If anyone deaf want to know what I was up to, Just email me or write me!

    I also do not trust my hearing sister, too. I decide to keep her in dark so far.


  24. ASLforLife said


    FYI: To let you know that one video was on DVTV for a while but Taylor removed that Deaf vlogger, jj3dartist’s video link: out of DVTV.

  25. Penny said

    Interesting that Tayler removed the video. Tayler approved video from Barry mocking AFA and leaders and yet he removed video from jj3dartist’s video (comedy) about Ella protecting AFA. Is Tayler and his editors are truly audists? Maybe they are…wow…I know of them is for sure with no question ask but all of them are audists? Perhaps very much so. It would be nice if Behan can share his observation here. This information should be added in Audism Unveiled DVD.

    • ASLforLife said


      I just did ordered Audism Unveiled DVD recently. Thanks.

      So I just recently did my homework and investigated the time frame that Barry’s son made that video called “Remember AFA Story? A Must See!” on Wed, Apr 22 2009 MORNING!!!!

      nbr 1 comment is text from MTDewTaz on April 22nd, 2009 at 10:32 am :
      nbr 2 comment is Russell did not say Barry or his son on April 22nd, 2009 at 10:42 am:
      nbr 3 comment is HonBrit did name Barry on April 22nd, 2009 at 12:05 pm :
      nbr 4 comment is 553ASL did not say name Barry or his son on April 22nd, 2009 at 1:16 pm :
      nbr 5 comment is Italia did name Barry on April 22nd, 2009 at 1:39 pm :
      nbr 6 comment is DeafLynn not say name barry or his son on April 22nd, 2009 at 1:53 pm :
      nbr 7 comment is HarleyGirl did not name barry or his son on April 22nd, 2009 at 2:03 pm :
      nbr 8 comment is DeafChef62 not say name barry or his son on April 22nd, 2009 at 3:45 pm :
      nbr 9 comment is dreambigz not say name barry or his son, but she saw all commenters above her on April 22nd, 2009 at 4:20 pm :

      then next morning day: Thursday April 23, 2009:

      nbr 10 comment is HonBrit liked DBZ’s beautiful long hair on April 23rd, 2009 at 12:36 am :
      then 11 comment is ASLElla’s beautiful FAR OUT ASL poem message “yeah! Quack Doctor” to Hocokan on April 23rd, 2009 at 8:22 am :

      then about 15 minutes later nbr 12 Barry’s son home-schooled hours to play around on DVTV???- on April 23rd, 2009 at 8:37 am “Thanks Everybody”:
      nbr 13 is NeaLaugh on April 23rd, 2009 at 8:38 am :

      nbr 14 is Barry’s son “Ella, quack yourself” April 23rd, 2009 at 8:39 am :

      My questions:
      1. Why did Barry’s son did not use his home-school educated by using his properly manner to correct to 2 other video commenters nbr 3 and nbr 5 that the duck video clip made by him??
      2. Why wait to hold until to jump after the AFA supporter, Ella???

      Oh well, I am now concerned with Harley Girl said that Jay Leno did mocked Prez Bush, Pres Obama and others. So how come she did preferred supporting to ban Ridor who did mocked at her??? Not making any sense to me!!! I am moving on and not interested in arguing with HarleyGirl who did judged and insulted me that AFA did changed my attitude… Really NOT TRUE! I am an individual and AFA do nothing change me.. I do still support AFA and do NOT care about HarleyGirl anymore. I m moving on to enjoy my life…

      • dreambigz said


        You got wrong information about me.

        (Copy and Paste)
        nbr 9 comment is dreambigz not say name barry or his son, but she saw all commenters above her on April 22nd, 2009 at 4:20 pm :


        I here to clear up your misunderstood what you say about me.

        I saw title on video comment only therefore I did not watch all their video comment. ONLY TITLE. I have common sense what they talk about.
        Are you doing your homework?

        In my video comment I dont say who.
        That why I never say Barry or Codi because I not sure who did this vlog. But I knew it was Codi. I play it safe for not say who did that vlog.

        Make sense to you?

  26. Terri Watts said

    Unbelievable what you have gone too far and kept mockery against anyone who create their vloggers.. Why can’t you accept let them go! Bet is you’re on the judging anyone vlogger.

    I do not think so you’re not propriety professional mockery on your blogger against their mouthful. I’m not surprised what you did spoke out of loud mouth!

    Do not forget that Freedom the speech like everyone does whoever mockery you or others. No make difference! *ahem*

    • ridor9th said

      Terri: C’mon, everyone judges everyone else, period. Even you judge. The whole point is that it is *obvious* that Barry Sewell coaches his son to create vlogs attacking people like Ella Mae Lentz when she is doing something proactive to improve the lives of Deaf people. Why is that?

      Terri, here is my advice: Please do not act like you’re intelligent as you would like to think that you are. Your usage of this sentence, “I do not think so you’re not propriety professional mockery on your blogger against their mouthful.” — what the fuck were you trying to say?

      I’m sure many Ph.Ds folks will not get what you re trying to say with this particular line! You’re making a fool out of yourself, dear.

      And one more thing — you cannot go around and clamor for the Freedom of Speech on DeafRead and my blog — you cannot because your speech is being trivialized ON someone else’s website. That is not even Freedom of Speech, dear.

      Do us all favor — SCRAM away.


      • HuggyAngels said


        I am glad you told Teri off! She turned me off a long time ago. Really, I didn’t click her commentor under my vlog because I knew she made a worst comment than others. I don’t appreciate her closed mind! Good for you! ;op

      • ASLforLife said


        Done with my nbr 117 vc (video comment) under Tayler’s DVTV vlog called “Re: Brainwashing” from my 1 minute and 14 seconds” seesemic video comment link:

        Hope you all Ridor’s fans will have a CHEERFUL day! 😀

  27. HuggyAngels said

    Wow! That is a great idea!! I applaud you for all your efforts and ideas to put the way in your deafread! I have no negative comment but enjoyed reading your funny story…Thanks for sharing!

  28. deb ann said

    I think that your blog should stay in Deafread. Barry and the way he used his son in Deafvideo is a lot worse than this blog and its comments. The comments here are so open and fair even through some people may not like it. They share their honest opinions. I don’t see any point for your blog to be moved to Extra from Deafread. It’s my undissembled opinion.

  29. Joey said

    Hi everyone…
    Guess what? I got suspense from DVTV for two weeks! Tayler warned me to not call people “liars” and “pathetics”. What about Barry? He always call people names!! It’s not fair, is it?!?!
    I will go back to DVTV on May 10th. Sheesh!!!

    Anyone suggest? let me know.

    • LChaim2007 said

      Sorry to hear about this, Joey! I know how you feel this is not fair to you and Ridor. Barry is the worse one who is extremely crooked and manipulate person, even filthy rotten black heart with worms! Also, it is not fair to us about this situation. Yes, I have my own eyes to see Barry to call bad names and bully to Ella Mae Lentz, of course, obivously, He does it many times but Tayler left him alone. Therefore, Barry always laughs evil chucking at us, even, he makes fun of us because he thinks that Tayler is on his side! Who knows????

    • ASLforLife said

      Oh Joey!! You are right!!! Go look at CM’s video comment number 118 under Harelygril’s vlog or this seesmic video comment link:…. See Joey is right!!! Tayler is so blind and acted like a dog to barry!!!

    • HuggyAngels said

      Hey Handsome!

      Barry is not a handsome guy we ever knew! LOL! That is the only way you have us as your great friends! Wink! Don’t let Barry win your emotions! Don’t let him hatch you on a nest! Don’t let him feed you with a-z soup! Take care…stay strong like us!

  30. Joey said

    Hello everyone…
    I have decided to write an email to Tayler and asked him to suspend me from DVTV forever because I just don’t want to be bad tempted… I just had been thinking all about it. I thought I really wanted Tayler to suspend me forever because soooo much dramas on DVTV!!!! I never see bad dramas on… Deaf-Tube… and others. DVTV is the MOST dramatic video site I have had ever seen!
    I really want to back off from DVTV and focus on my JOEYWOOD FILMS. I need to stop make more and more arguement and drama.
    Of course you guys know me that I EXTREMELY HATE BARRY SEWELL so much!!! I know “HATE” is a strong word, but I don’t give a DAMN about Barry Sewell. I don’t blame Tayler for making a R-Lists… Do you know why? I watched Tayler’s vlogs and said that he ACTUALLY didn’t want to make rules, but he had to. Who’s fault? DVTV people who COMPLAINED and begged Tayler.
    I thought I better back off from DVTV for good. I can keep making my vlogs for and and Deaf Social Network… and others. DVTV is a MOST FAMOUS DRAMATIC video site!!!!
    Tammy Faye cries to the Lord and forgive DVTV AND BARRY!! LOL!!!

    • HuggyAngels said

      Hey Joey! Remember, you stay positive – no need for an apology to Barry’s son…Barry is the worst twister! You should stay in on DVTV and enjoy our positive vloggers’ ideas and education!! That is the only way, I protect you and your rights – you let the “bullied” vloggers win…stay strong and stick with me and others as well. I care about you! ok Hugs

      • LChaim2007 said


        Barry’s son asked me to say apology for label them Child Poster I refused to say this to them! Barry is using Child Poster on him!


      • HuggyAngels said

        LChaim? You serious?? That is not the way he should demand anyone to apologize to him. Ignore him! I am glad you denied his demands! Barry is a big time twister!!!

  31. Ridor! Glad you’re getting resurrected for an eternity! It was your blogs that inspired mine when I was in Hawai’i. Carl

  32. Joey said

    Hello everyone..
    I saw BigBenFactor on DVTV and called my name. So, I watched what he said. I made a vlog for him..but not on DVTV. It’s on youtube so you can watch me. I was asking Big Ben if he would allow his son making a vlog about mocking AFA. I was telling him that I never see all parents allow their children making vlogs about against AFA. Nobody! So why Barry is only one allowed his son? I wondered if Barry brainwashed his son?

    I will see what Big Ben’s reaction tonight.
    Should I apologize to Barry’s son or what? Ask for your advice.

    • ASLforLife said

      Hello Joey! I do NOT see your video about BBF (big ben factory)but I only saw your video “saying Goodbye DVTV” on this youtube link:

      I do NOT see your video about BBF.. BBF seems way behind the news? No one can force you to apologize anything because you did admit your mistakes and nobody accept you for who you really are!!! YOu have to follow your heart and take your time to feel more confidence yourself.. There is NO HURRY to forgive. Take your own time!!! You have PLENTY of time to enjoy your life!!! 😀 Shawn

    • ASLforLife said

      Hey Joey!!!

      Good job on your video on this youtube link:

      I do NOT know why BBF made his own vlog!?!

    • HuggyAngels said

      No way! You have every right to express your belief, thoughts, feelings, ideas, etc. No apology needed!! Silly them! You know! I don’t need to apologize to Barry’s family so what??? Barry just brainwashes his family against us all. For your information, Barry is not a PhD. His “DR” name is Drew! Ha! Drew is like we sucked blood and split it out! HA. Hugs

    • ASLforLife said


      I have a question for you! Did BBF contact you before he vlog about you? Just wondering!
      Let you know Tayler did removed ASLEveryday’s vlog called “Brainwashing” because she did name of person… Look at BBF did named you on his vlog??? Did BBF broke the R-list rules??? Just wondering!!! Oh well, Joey, hope you will have a good day! ;D

  33. LChaim2007 said

    Attention to everyone!

    Tayler had left comment under My opinion on Ridor’s blog:

    What you think???

  34. allen said

    Deafread deleted Ridor’s blog from their blog list. What is going on with that? They are trying to protect Amy Cohen Efron! Deb Ann, thank you for writing a blog so people still have access to Ridor’s blog and see what is going on with Barry, Amy, and others. Truth needs to come out.

  35. Deafdreaming said

    Barry Sewell violated the R-List


    Cyberstalking and computer harassment

    “Cyberstalking is the use of information and communications technology, particularly the Internet, by an individual or group of individuals, to harass another individual, group of individuals, or organization. The behavior includes false accusations, monitoring, the transmission of threats, identity theft,…”

    “An exception to the two strike rule applies when users send the operator of DeafVIDEO.TV, via any method, insulting, indecent or vulgar material. The exception also applies if the operator of DeafVIDEO.TV is stalked via any method.”

  36. Steve said


    What does all have to do with Marlee Matlin and her book? Let’s carry these conversations in “YOUR” blog or somewhere else. At this point, Barry’s issues getting all the attentions here. Does it?

    Hmm.. Maybe Barry should claim Marlee’s Oscar? ~Best Actor!~


  37. Joey said

    Hello everyone..
    I checked DVTV and see if my username there. Tayler did removed my username from DVTV for good. The reason why I asked Tayler to remove me is that I PREFER hands off from DVTV until it cleans up everything… I maybe come back or not. Barry and Tayler are friends. I don’t trust Tayler anymore because he never talk straight. He changed many subjects. He’s not honest! That is why I back off from DVTV until it storm badly and then clean everything up. I hope Tayler learns his HARDEST lesson!! If Tayler never listen, then I will never go back to DVTV.


  38. LChaim2007 said

    I start to suspect that Barry possible BLACKMAILED to Tayler to keep him in DVTV because of MONEY keep running Tayler’s business which he can make earning money for drama on Barry’s best show on DVTV. I am telling you that Both of Barry and Tayler are totally denying of being blackmail each other. Also, I feel strongly that Tayler is afraid of getting in trouble and tries to fix his new program 2.0v on DVTV from old DVTV but there will NOT absoulately be too late for embrassing to expose in a public.

    It’s UNFAIR to others who terminated from Tayler. They are enough suffering of being abuse from Tayler who is not very honest with us! because Tayler keeps Barry and let him to bully and calling bad names to anyone!

    • ASLforLife said

      Possibly they are eye winking on each other… Looks like Tayler’s on Barry side as “favoritism”??? Or possibly Tayler is only interested to earn more money from viewers?? He do not care if any women or men got hurt from Barry throw the trashing video comments by using some of our names! Barry never apologize to any of us who got innocent, upset or hurt! That is his egoism with more smart mouth smooth talker!

      • HuggyAngels said

        Yea, ASLforLife! Obviously, Tayler on Barry’s side! All men who befriend with Barry are very blind! I emailed Taylor how unappreciative I was about the way he treated Adian not like others he never removed them but always targets at ASLeveryday?!?!? Great Stupid! Yayler should back off and let us work out on our own to learn from them and their or our mistakes though! I told Barry to stay away from us and didn’t need him to take over while Tayler made a vlog. Why bother! He took over and made comments. What game did he involve? What game does he go after? Babycry!

  39. Joey said

    Yeah, that’s what I thought. Wow, you read my mind, LChaim. LOL. I watched too many commenters under Taylor’s vlog. Barry is really sick bastard from hell!!!


  40. Joey said

    Hello everyone!
    I don’t care all about Taylor anymore. and i am telling you all a great news!!! my good deaf friend from northern california called me on VP this evening. he’s working on his website just like DeafVIDEO.TV…. but not relate with He is not sure when it will be done and release to everyone. When he let me know then I will tell everyone when his website will be ready. I will NEVER ever go back to DeafVIDEO.TV anymore.


  41. Joey said

    oh excuse me.. i wanted to add to say something.
    he can handle everything. He can ban on Barry. He can ban any stupid bigots like religions who target people for no reason.
    i can’t wait to hear from my good friend to let me know. i will let everyone know as soon!!!!!!


  42. LChaim2007 said

    Hi there,

    Please look at tayler’s announcement

    He mentions about two group fights each other and urgent Tayler to kick some of us but our group urgent Tayler to block them.

    • ASLforLife said

      Good morning LChaim2007,

      Thank you so much for your update report. I already left my vc number 34. Tayler already removed few vlogger’s video out of DVTV with only 9 complaints out of 1,055 vloggers and 3,034 commenters from DVTV members? But what about DeafRead that Ridor do have his own right freedom of speech??? Tayler do NOT make sense and do NOT explain more clear about DVTV 2.0 at all if we happen to have a freedom of speech!!

      • LChaim2007 said


        I am thinking about making a vlog to Tayler. I am very DISASPPOINTED in Tayler’s performance! He is failing to prove his successful on R-List and Flags!


      • HuggyAngels said

        Rats! I don’t understand why Tayler didn’t do anything about Barry…He should remove the orginal vlog which was made by Barry and his son. That is cyberbulling! SIgh! What more does Tyler go blind? Blind mouse with a cane? Right? Great!


  43. Joey said

    hello everyone..
    yes i saw tayler’s vlog…. i saw my username there… so i watched him speech… he said i called him “liar” and “pathetic”… huh? i never remember if i insulted him?? i did talked about “LIARS won’t change” but I didn’t use Tayler’s name!! can you people help me remember if i did to tayler…but i NEVER remember i insulted him, huh?? i still DON’T trust him. i am glad i left DVTV for good!!

    Joey Johnson

    • ASLforLife said

      Hello Joey!!!

      Hope you enjoy out for lunch today… Plus I want to thank you for your email, Joey to inform me about your today recently video on youtube link:

      Good job, Joey.. Yeah right that Tayler himself did obviously broke Rlist rules on DVTV. Tayler has NO respect you, Joey!!

      Anyway, my co workers were paranoding that I have a Swine Flu because I was coughing at work, so I left my work! Waste gas for nothing! My doctor told me that I have bronchitris and sinus! duh!!!

  44. LChaim2007 said

    I found out that Barry already erased his video comments except one comment

    He does not want to be BUSTED because of his guilty on his comments are bully, stalking, and bad calling names. Also He does not want anyone including Tayler find his comments and look good to be freed from guilty! He wants to be WINNER and mocks on us as loser!

    Do not let Barry mocking on us! Barry is baby crying!!!!

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