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House, Nick Jonas & DVTV Crap

Posted by ridor9th on April 29, 2009

Golly, I saw House MD on Fox TV last Monday.  God, it was awful show.  The one-hour long program was such a torture!  Heck, the Army can use it as a tool to torture Talibans out in Pakistan these days!

The actor that acted as the Deaf wrestler — what is his name?!  He reminded me of Matt Damon and he’s fucking cute!  I know, I know he’s probably straight but who cares?  I just wanted to know his name!

As for the doctor who ordered his staff to borgize the deaf wrestler when the deaf wrestler made it clear that he does not want the implants in the first place was appalling and terrifying.

And god!  The fucking writers used the deaf patient’s mother to interpret!  What the fuck were the fucking writers thinking about?!

These writers should be exterminated at once!

And in the end, the mother literally forced her son to accept the implants.

After all, the tale ends with him being assimilated.  Just like the Borg Queen insisted all along.

Oh, guess what?  Last night, I had a bizarre dream but it was pretty good one, though — ever heard of Jonas Brothers?  I frequently see them on and Disney Channel — I’m not a fan of Jonas Brothers mainly because I don’t give a shit about music, really.  But I admitted that I have an eye candy — I do enjoy looking at people — especially if they’re attractive.

I cringe at the boys below 21 — mainly because they have so much to learn to reach the level where I am right now.  So often I’d dismiss the ones below 21 — they literally waste my time.

But I always thought Nick Jonas is attractive.

Then for the first time in a long time, I had Nick Jonas in my dream.  He and I had a date where we went out to dine at a local pizzeria just to chat.  And in my dream, I was surprised to see Nick conversing in ASL.   We talked about things in life and bullshit like that.

Then someone woke me up at that point.  I started to wonder about Nick Jonas’ age so I googled it — he’s 16!  Ack!  Get out of here!

But the best part?  I wondered why Nick signed to me in my dream.  After reading Nick Jonas’ background — I was stunned to learn that his mother was a former sign language teacher in Dallas.


Oh, yeah, I have twitter account.  Find me over there if you dare.

On other hand, the drama continues on DVTV — Tayler Mayer must be proud of himself for allowing the pea-brained fool in Barry Sewell to attack, bash and twist people’s comments on DVTV.  But at least there is something good out of this — more and more people are starting to see the true colors of Barry Sewell and his cohorts.

Oh, gawd.  Don’t get me started on this about HarleyLady or whatever her name is.  She is practically ordering others to submit to her whims.  HarleyLady, here’s a quick fact:  You’re hideous thing to look at on DVTV!




One Response to “House, Nick Jonas & DVTV Crap”

  1. Anon said

    As I said before. Tayler is asshole dickhead! Never like him from the beginning.

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