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For What Is Worth

Posted by ridor9th on June 24, 2009

I have produced a couple of entries on another blogsite.

Here are the links:

So It Really Happened

Perez Deserves It?  Wrong.

I’ll phase this out in favor of this new blogsite.  And you should.

Oh, by the way, you can find me on  I’m always there.  I’m still nasty as usual.

Plus, there is always vlogging on my profile.




3 Responses to “For What Is Worth”

  1. Ben Vess said

    did ya know you can set up your youtube to feed into your profile over at the new blogsite?

  2. iballoon said

    yeah, I learn something from WordCamp that can be feed from youtube to weblog which is neat. There is many more other thing that does awesome stuff. However, they mention that youtube is being No. 2 video sharing. I forget what No. 1 suppose be. My bad for not listen well.

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