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Posted by ridor9th on September 10, 2009










(Yes, I translated this into Chinese to honor and congratulate the folks in Taipei for pulling the magic!  Thank you!)


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6: HOVRS — What Is So Special About ‘Em?

Posted by ridor9th on November 13, 2008


Like it or not, the videophones are vital to millions of Deaf individuals across not in this country but across the globe.  Like it or not, the videophones are replacing TTYs these days.  More and more Deaf people are tossing the TTYs in the closets and attics.  The videophones, of course, spawned the need for video relay services.  Needless to say, there are dozens of for-profit VRS companies out there to serve the Deaf people.

SorensonVRS.  CACVRS.  HandsOnVRS.  CSDVRS.  ViableVRS.  SprintRelay.  LifelinksVRS.  HawkRelay.  HamiltonVRS.  SnapVRS to name few.  If I miss anyone else in particular, so sue me.  These companies were created to meet the demands — heck, it’s all about economics:  Supply and demand.

Few people wondered why there are too many VRS companies.  I had to explain about how it works from time to time.  Basically, in this country, the demand will spawn the supply which will spawn the companies.  Then when the profits decline, that’s when the companies will merge or eat each other up in the process.  It happened with banking, retail, internet companies and so on.  It shall happen with VRS companies, sooner or later.

I’m all for VRS companies to make money off from us as long as they involve Deaf people in the process.  As long as they do not exploit us.  As long as they do not manipulate the needs of Deaf people in general.

I’m not a fan of SorensonVRS.  I already made it clear a long time ago that I find them to a major nuisance mainly because they attempted to subjugate the interpreters from switching to other VRS companies — in fact, they created a contract binding them that should they quit, dismiss or terminate at SorensonVRS, they cannot work for another VRS company for a year.  SorensonVRS repeatedly claimed that it is about the code of ethics.

My response?  Bullshit.

Not only that, SorensonVRS also waged a lengthy battle with other VRS companies in preventing the FCC from requiring the interpreters to be certified.  SorensonVRS only wanted “qualified” interpreters because it is cheaper than to hire “certified” interpreters.   SorensonVRS does not give a crap about the quality and ability of interpreters’ ASL as long as it is cheap.   Meanwhile, SorensonVRS also claimed that the main reason why they did this is because there were not enough interpreters out there that are certified.

Yeah, right, like I really believe.

Truth be told, I don’t use SorensonVRS for a long time.

Sorenson has its VP-100 and VP-200.  Some has Ojo.  CSDVRS has D-Link and is currently distributing The Z.  Viable already launched the VPAD and VPAD Plus.  What of HOVRS?  The so-called MVP has been stagnant in delays for the last couple of years!

Unlike others, HOVRS has caught my attention with the way it runs itself in our communities.  Which is what I will cover in 3-part entries on this particular blogsite.

The founder and the CEO of HOVRS was none other than Ronald Obray.  Obray is CODA.  That was kinda cool and nice to know that someone within our community was to run the company that may make money off from our people.  Not only that, Kelby Brick also worked for HOVRS as the Director of Legal and Regulatory Affairs.  Kelby Brick is Deaf attorney that has worked with National Association of the Deaf.  Not bad, right?

Last year, I was surprised to learn that Ronald Obray sold HOVRS to GoAmerica for $35 million in cash.  GoAmerica already swallowed Verizon’s Telecommunication Relay Services a bit earlier before merging with HOVRS.

I was piqued with curiosity about the folks that runs the HOVRS.  The very top officers of HOVRS/GoAmerica — the CEO, President, the Vice-President and all that positions — none of them are Deaf.   Dig it?

One source inside from HOVRS told me that since GoAmerica swallowed HOVRS, there has been an activity of pushing Deaf people aside from climbing up the corporate ladder.  Which is why we do not see any Deaf individual working as an Executive of some sorts at GoAmerica/HOVRS.

That particular source said that the main reason why Deaf individuals were pushed aside is that these current executives claimed and felt that Deaf individuals lack the experience and means to qualify for any top-level positions within GoAmerica/HOVRS.  That is bullshit, folks.  The claims are the same ones that all Deaf individuals had heard from many hearing-oriented corporations.

But this excuse coming from GoAmerica/HOVRS whom garnered millions of dollars from the FCC related to video relay service business is deplorable, simply put!

Look at Viable.  The top-level positions — All of them are Deaf!  CSDVRS?  They have several Deaf individuals running at the top.  So does SprintRelay and SorensonVRS.  It appears to me that this particular company, HOVRS, is systemically preventing the qualified or interested Deaf individuals from getting their positions.

For a company that makes money off from Deaf Communities and yet, scheming to prevent Deaf individuals from attaining the top-level positions is simply despicable.

What says you?



NEXT: What’s Up With HOVRS’ MVP?

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Follow-Up On The Last Entry

Posted by ridor9th on November 9, 2008

Ha!  Guess what?  Barry Sewell attempted to distort the facts by writing an entry on his own blog and prevented anyone from making a comment that contradicts his claims in the making.

I know because I posted few and he immediately removed it as if nothing existed.

He claimed that he is forgiving person.  Ha!  Mormons does not know how to forgive.  They mislead, lie, conquer and cover their tracks.  Remember the Mountain Meadows Massacre?  Ironically, it happened on September 11.  Why do you think the Proposition 8 in California was spearheaded by the Mormon leaders?

Simply put, Mormons like Barry Sewell knew the only way to survive is to lie and lie and lie.   Mormons nourish your core values, Barry Sewell?  Ha!  Yeah, right, like I believe.  Mormons has destroyed many people’s lives and what is so good about it?  Barry, you accused many of having illusions.  Yet, I see that you’re mired in your own illusions — the ones that you created for your own.

1.  He claimed that I got the information from this “lady”‘s father in Gooding, Idaho?   Ha!  No one in Gooding, Idaho has told me anything else about this fucktard.

2.  Barry Sewell claimed that I had a due process with Tayler Mayer.  The truth is that there was no due process from the start.  I have emails to back myself up.

3.  I had a brief conversation with former Intertribal Deaf Council officers who profusely thanked me for deriding Barry Sewell on the facts that he attempted to hijack the organization several years ago.  Many already knew that it was he who operated the Signing Circle and attempted to smear Ella Mae Lentz, Barbara DiGiovanni and David Eberwein of Deaf Bilingual Coalition.  In fact, it was confirmed that Barry Sewell circulated the email to his peers, encouraging them to write a letter to one of DBC leaders’ employment to protest in attempt to get them terminated.  Guess what?  I got the original source.  And as I can see from here, it was Barry Sewell who did propose the idea!

4.  Barry, about your ‘so-called’ wife which you claimed that you knew the source — wrong.  I burst out laughing when you claimed that you knew the source — the one that went to Gallaudet when you were 18 — in fact, the source that I got differed from what you claimed.  Perhaps, you’re talking about someone else that I am not aware of.  But that is not the issue, though.  You miscalculated and misfired, m’dear.

5.  About you ripping Deaf people out of their funds, you can claim, deny or dispel the facts all you want.  But the major problem is that when I heard the first source, I tend to dismiss them.  But I received the second source from different person, it becomes something to wonder.  Then there were four sources (six in total!) from different sources claiming that it was you, Barry Sewell, that swindled them of their thousands dollars.  Six sources from six different sources simply raised a red flag.  It did *not* come from one source, Barry.

Call it an investment if you must to save your face.

6.  Barry, you’re incredibly stupid.  I did not make an advance on married man from Alaska on  Please stop lying, Barry.  All I did was to compliment him of his good looking stance.  People out there in this globe needs to appreciate all kinds of compliments about their own!  Many of my friends, straight and gay alike, knew that I meant well when I complimented them of their appearances.  There is none of sexual advances in that.  Get that through your Mor[m]onic skull, Barry Sewell!

And lastly, you wrote on your entry:

But anyway, since Ridor made advances on me I decided not to open his comments and expose myself with my comments whenever he is present. It is done to protect myself.

What the fuck?  I find you to be ghastly creature.  I never gave you a compliment nor make an advance on you because I find you to be a moron, ugly piece of shit.  You reek of Yosemite Sam which made me cringe to start with.

You must have wild ideas that you actually thought I was making a hit on you.  Bleargh!  Ugh!  Gross!  You’re one of few men out there that I do not find attractive nor sexually compatible.  IN fact, you’re a dipshit, Barry!  Stop making up a story that I was hitting on you, Barry.  I can feel the yellowish feeling going up my spine when you said that line — that was truly disgusting.

Barry.  You.  Are.  Lying.  Simply.  Put.

Give it up, Barry.   Defend all you want, deny all you want — be like Sarah Palin for all I care.  For all I care, you’re just a dipshit living in the middle of nowhere trying to dictate what people wants to live their lives.  And I’m relieved to see that people dismiss your hocus-pocus rants from the start.  That is something to be happy for!

You know the cliche:  Once a Mormon lies, they all lie the same thing!

On Other Hand: Readers, I’m back.  Sorry, I had to take #8 entry off for the legal purposes.  Nothing serious.  For the time being, it shall remain until further notice.

However, the next entry (Actually, the next 3 entries!) are going to stir up the Deaf Communities.  These entries are something that I had been working on for the last 3 weeks.  I researched the sources, gathered the information and composed it all into part-3 series focusing on:

Hands On Video Relay Service!!

And it is not good company, folks!



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Interlude: Marty Booked His First Gig

Posted by ridor9th on September 3, 2008

Today is Tuesday.  Of course, one has to tune in to watch the Oxygen Channel’s Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency whom one Deaf model gets to live in a house with Janice Dickinson.

Tonight was the 2nd show and needless to say, there was not enough spotlight on Marty all night long.  But guess what irked me the most?  The show had the audacity to inform the viewers the name of the fucking interpreter by flashing the wording on the screen:  Jerry Ferris, Martin’s Interpreter.

I’m telling you guys — he is not that good and I am willing to bet that Jerry insists that his name is to be mentioned on that friggin’ show!

Marty seems to be out of the place with hearing models going all over the place but there is one positive side to the whole thing — Janice Dickinson loves and adores Martin Ritchie!

Oh, by the way, there was an audition amongst the males regarding the Kentucky Denim Jeans and Martin was selected to be the Kentucky Denim Jeans’ male model along with the Russkie gorgeous gal, Polina.

This guaranteed one thing:  The next week’s showing will feature more minutes of Martin since we will observe him doing the modeling gig for Kentucky Denim.

Janice Dickinson, do us a favor — Fire.  Jerry.  Ferris!

And don’t kick Kehoe out of the house — I love his melodramatic antics.  It is fun watching him giving you menopause, sugar.


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12: Many Things To Talk About

Posted by ridor9th on August 24, 2008

PPhotobucketThe Wilkinsons: IN the last week of June, my Great Aunt Mary Wilkinson died at the age of 85 in Clinton, Tennessee. Then 15 days later, my Great Uncle Arthur Wilkinson also passed away at the age of 89. Both are Deaf.

Mary was the sister of my Drandma, Virginia Pool Duncan. I cracked a joke with my cousin Mary that her grandmother is probably chatting with Drandma and Great Grandmother Fannie Norris and backstabbing whoever comes in their minds. Of course, Mary agreed.

The picture on your right contains Mary Wilkinson (left) and Virginia Pool Duncan, my Drandma.

Where Is Leah Katz-Hernandez?! Leah was one of the most hard-working activist during the Gallaudet 2006 Protests. I had the pleasure of getting to know her during the Unity for Gallaudet Protests at Gallaudet University.

I was delighted to learn that she is one of 8 Gallaudet students who will partake in Denver for Democratic National Convention (DNC) 2008. For further information on the progress of 8 Gallaudet students’ efforts to volunteer their time, energy and activism during the DNC in the last 7 days and in the next 7 days, you can check and bookmark this link. I did!

Paotie Is Arrogant: Did you notice something? The first four paragraphs of each entry always comes off with …

Denver – Good afternoon, everybody! [Paotie then will insert some lame-assed subject as if one would enjoy his comments]

I am not kidding you!


I’m just messin’ with all ya’ll. Can ya dig it, ya’know what I’m sayin’?

Anyway … blah, blah!

What a prick. I am not fond of Paotie — the looks of the blog strikes me off as pedophile for some reasons — he already mentioned that he likes to do the martial arts (it is nice word for brutal and bloody fights) and yet, his blog is more of child-like persona with a child’s words. His efforts to team up with losers like Mike McConnell and Barry Sewell to divide and conquer the Deaf Communities is equally repugnant.

PhotobucketAbout DBC/Deafhood: It was Mike McConnell who ultimately attempted to keep the status quo by bashing Deafhood/DBC leaders from day one. You see, Ella Mae Lentz, David Eberwein, Barb DiGiovanni and John Egbert made a lot of leaps and efforts to reach and educate people of social injustices upon Deaf individuals and communities. These days, the same people are trying to break the colonisation that has been inflicting upon us all from day one.

Mike McConnell and others knew that by pushing the issues in the face of ones who wronged us and demand them to stop, it will shake the status quo not only in Deaf Community but in hearing communities, especially with medical professionals! That is where Mike McConnell felt threatened by that. He teamed up with the losers like Barry Sewell and Joshua Dawson to continue attacking Deafhood/DBC leaders repeatedly in order to create discord and doubts among ourselves so that they can keep the status quo at bay.

Meanwhile, the ones that got away with everything else? Hearing people. They just sat down and patted on their backs for creating a group to do all the works within our own community to divide and conquer.

We must endure, we must drive and we must win. What Deaf Bilingual Coalition has been doing from day one is important. We must finish what we started. It is time for us to control our destiny.

Deafhood is a personal journey that each of us process of our own identity. One can align DBC with Deafhood. It is no big deal, really.

I salute John Egbert, David Eberwein, Ella Mae Lentz, Barb DiGiovanni and many, many DBC supporters for their efforts to make a statement for our communities. For decades, the AgBELL has dominated the medical professionals with the status quo that basically prevented Deaf people like you and me from putting our professional views of what it means to be Deaf individual. With DBC rolling, the eyes and ears are starting to open up and it surely will shake the status quo. It is matter of time before the medical professionals shall dump the AgBELL’s views in favor of the truth — because we ARE the ones that held the truth from day one.

Of course, it pissed Mike McConnell off.

Audiology & Speech Program: In Knoxville, Tennessee, ignorant pricks are celebrating that the Department of Audiology & Speech Pathology was saved from being eliminated at the University of Tennessee.

The Department should have been eliminated in the first place. This department is one of many programs that inflicted the horrors upon Deaf children across the globe. These departments are the ones that often spread the misinformation about Deaf Education, especially with American Sign Language in order to borgize and oralize Deaf children for their own benefits. They never cared about Deaf children, only for themselves.

SCSDB Scandal: My source in Spartanburg, South Carolina has indicated that President Pam Shaw has asked the Board to accept her resignation after working only 7 months in office at South Carolina School for the Deaf and the Blind.

Why? Not because there is SLED investigation. Because Pam Shaw wants to institute the massive changes in Deaf Department which has not fared well in educating Deaf children. Very few Deaf students went on to college. Apparently, Pam Shaw’s efforts to change the system was met with fierce resistance by teachers at SCSDB.

By failing to have the support of teachers at SCSDB, what’s the point of staying at SCSDB all along? This is the reason that prompts Pam Shaw to resign as the President of SCSDB.

Shame on SCSDB!



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13: About Martin Ritchie

Posted by ridor9th on August 20, 2008

Oh lord.

Word gets around that Martin Ritchie is going to star on Oxygen Channel’s Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency. Martin Ritchie is Deaf. At first, I did not recognize him … I realized, “Oh, my gosh.”

I knew Martin when he was a toddler. He was quite hyperactive kid but relatively nice boy. He used to live in Virginia back then and my folks and his folks socialized at a local deaf club. Nice kid, really.

Few information about Martin …

Martin is gay. Just like me.

Has Deaf sister, Elsie who is at Gallaudet.

Martin has hairy chest but he shaved it! He shaved it — I preferred the hairy chest dudes. Smooth is so effeminate. C’mon, Marty — don’t do that! I never understood why men wanted to shave their chests … it is simply unattractive. If I want a smooth woman, I’ll go for Erin Whitney!

I wish him the best with the competition on that show — Janice Dickinson can be a total bitch but she meant very well. I am sure he’ll succeed in the long run. Marty deserved the best. He went through some tribulations and I really wanted him to emerge victorious in this manner.

Oh, yeah, it is an open secret that Martin also featured as “Pauly” on a certain gay porn website. I saw him in nude. Not bad — Nice size. Not that it is wrong to do porn. I think Martin won my respect and admiration for posing himself in nude! I mean, how brave is that? Especially coming from Deaf family?!

I heard that the main reason why he did this was to get offthe streets, one fella defended Martin by saying that Martin was homeless for several years and that I should not mention the fact that he did do a gay porn website. In fact, someone IMmed and emailed me last night to pressure me to take the entry off.

I’m distressed that Marty Ritchie was homeless for the time being. I kinda wish that he contacted me or my folks — they’d take him in for the time being. My folks probably loved Elsie and Marty more than me and my siblings! 😉

After considering their request, I’ve decided to modify the entry to assure Martin that it is OK to pose nude. Everyone else literally does that these days. And no, I’m not taking this down.

Update: I recalled seeing a picture of Marty and Elsie on Mom’s refrigerator many years ago. I went back to search for it — voila! Here is the picture of Marty when he was 10. He certainly grew up a lot. By posing this picture, I think it is a proof that my folks adored Marty and Elsie…

I saw Marty’s interview on the website and he mentioned that his favorite celebrity is Ricky … Oh, yeah, that’s me. I’m his favorite celebrity! 😉 That was a joke, fools.

Ha! Probably that Ricky Martin, though. But still, Ricky Martin?! I prefer Colin Farrell, Marty! Nevertheless, the interview was fun. After seeing him being interviewed, I already marked August 26, 2008 at 10 PM on Oxygen Channel to check Marty Ritchie in action.


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One Last Thing About Sports

Posted by ridor9th on August 18, 2008

This is the last entry related to the no-countdown-but-only-sports in the last (more than!) 72 hours.

Ever heard of Elena Delle Donne?

Probably not.

Elena was consensus high school All-American and the 2007-08 High School Naismith Player of the Year whom signed with the University of Connecticut Huskies last year.

By signing with Connecticut, this was the last straw that broke the back of Pat Summitt, the Head Coach of Tennessee Lady Volunteers. Pat lost Maya Moore and Elena Delle Donne, both was considered to be the best high school basketball player in the country, to Geno Auriemma of Connecticut Huskies.

This recruiting battle was so bitter to a point where Pat Summitt terminated the series with Connecticut Huskies and it was alleged that it was her who contacted the NCAAs to investigate the recruiting violations at Connecticut Huskies.

Blah, blah, blah.

However, at 6’5 feet tall, Elena Delle Donne was expected to join the heavily favored Connecticut Huskies on their way to win the national championship this year. The team returns virtually everyone else including Maya Moore, Rene Montgomery, Kalana Greene and Tina Charles.

Elena Delle Donne attended the summer school at the University of Connecticut and abruptly left the school after only two days. The rumors surfaced around the communities amongst the fans of women’s basketball that Maya Moore chided Elena Delle Donne for her lackadaisical efforts to practice, work out and play basketball during the off-season.

It was reported recently that Elena Delle Donne has decided not to attend Connecticut as a student. And from there, the press indicated that she’s not interested in playing the sport any longer.

Some said that it is because she got pregnant. Some said it is because she was burn out by the vicious recruiting battles between Pat Summitt and Geno Auriemma. One has to speculate, though. The UConn community said that Elena left because she is simply homesick.

But the latest information has basically surprised me the most. It is well known that Elena Delle Donne is very tight with her family, especially with her sister, Lizzie.

Lizzie is Deaf, blind and has cerebal palsy!

Interesting, is it?



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15: Only $50,000?!

Posted by ridor9th on August 4, 2008

Not a long while ago on another blogsite, I wrote an entry blasting the local cops in St. Paul for their brutality upon a Deaf individual, Douglas Bahl. Suffice to say, the local press in Twin Cities got the wind of several blogs/vlogs, including mine, that basically embarrassed the Police Department and Sheriff’s Office.

Doug Bahl had requested us to refrain from making judgments upon others and in the process, thanked us for raising awareness against the police brutality upon Deaf individuals like Doug Bahl.

Doug Bahl was ultimately convicted of a misdemeanor charge by whom?

Hearing peers, of course.

Basically, Doug was accused of physically assaulting the police officer (Rubbish, I don’t believe that!) which resulted in being roughened up including maced in his face. And left him in the cell for several days, denied him the opportunity to get in touch with his loved ones. It was bad enough that his wife actually thought Doug was abducted, missing or whatever.

When words got out that the local cops mistreated and mishandled Doug Bahl, the Police Department and Sheriff’s Office were quick to put the blame on Doug Bahl, implicating that he was responsible for his “fucked-up” actions.

Both departments, realizing the wrath of the press’ eyes upon them, conveniently improved the system in handling with Deaf people should it happen again in the future.

Of course, Doug Bahl wanted monetary compensation for emotional duress that was inflicted upon him and his family. City Attorney John Choi was able to say that it was Bahl’s fault all along. Oh, please.

Now Sheriff Bob Fletcher said that Doug Bahl wanted only money. So what?

Suing millions of dollars out of these departments would send a message that violating the rights of Deaf individuals are not to be tolerated. At all.

But Doug Bahl is suing for only $50,000?

C’mon, Doug Bahl, are you crazy? You should ask for a cool $10 million in the lawsuit!

Jeez Christ!



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16: Six Degrees of Separation

Posted by ridor9th on August 4, 2008

You know, I do believe in ‘six degrees of separation’ theory. The theory can be explained through this link. Today, The Washington Post has an article about the research on Instant Messagers (IMs) which basically confirmed the ‘six degrees of separation’ theory not with 6 but 6.7. But it is relatively still close, anyway.

Basically, the theory is that by only six (or 6.7) degrees of separation, I basically can be connected to virtually everyone else on the planet. Maybe not with some cannibalistic groups in Borneo or in Brazil’s Amazonia! But who knows?

But I know that this particular theory is very real but certainly not six degrees of separation in Deaf Communities and my passion, Women’s Basketball. I’d swear that in Deaf Communities, we might have three degrees of separation among each other! As for women’s basketball world, I’d vouch that there are four degrees of separation.

Sometimes it is nice to have fewer degrees of separation amongst ourselves mainly because we are able to exchange, support and connect with wealth of information. Sometimes it brings nothing but heartaches and headaches. Take it from my experiences, friends.

I am a fan of Virginia Cavaliers Women’s Basketball for more than 20 years. I had the pleasure of watching players coming in and out of the program like Dawn Staley, Wendy Palmer, Tonya Cardoza and the Burge twins.

Here is the prime example of the four degrees of separation is that I knew Coach Ryan of Virginia. In turn, I am connected to Darlene Ewan. Darlene Ewan is a rabid fan of Maryland Terrapins, mainly because she was connected to her father, Alexander Sandy Ewan. And Alexander Sandy Ewan was a well known, loyal booster of UMD Athletics Department (He knew many coaches there including Brenda Frese [Pictured in her white/grayish clothes] who brought the National Championship to College Park). Count them all — it is four, I believe. I was never good at math, though.

However, if not for Sandy Ewan, I would not have a chance to get in touch with Brenda Frese and chat several times in the past. Get an idea?

I could go on with Michael Fischer of UMinnesota. I could go on … but you get the picture.

For years, I am aware of Coach Ryan’s antics. Coach Ryan is the Head Coach of Virginia Women’s Basketball program for 30 years. She tends to keep the recruiting business a secret. She tends to keep the game schedules a secret until late August. She tends to keep things related to the program away from everyone else in particular. It drives me nuts. But I’m stuck with her. I love her and her program too much to a point where I cannot simply dump her like that.

For years, I literally begged her to have a match-up with Tennessee Lady Volunteers during the regular season. I vividly recall her telling me in person that she does not see the need to do that because the NCAA Committee always paired Virginia Cavaliers and Tennessee Lady Volunteers in the same bracket! It is true. They played 9 times in the tournament, often in the same bracket. For years, I was basically resigned to the fact that the only times I shall see Virginia play Tennessee is during the postseason and preseason tournaments.

Boom! I was stunned to read the recent announcement by the press in Knoxville where Pat Summitt disclosed the schedule — Virginia is to play Lady Vols in Knoxville on November 17, 2008 — during the regular season! Of course, there is no comment on Coach Ryan’s part so far. Argh!

Of course, I’m thrilled about this particular game. Virginia has 4 returning starters while Tennessee Lady Volunteers lost the entire 5 starters from their national championship season.

This particular game on November 17, 2008 may be the turning point for the Cavaliers to pull the win. Who knows? I certainly hope for the best. After all, we have Lyndra Littles, Aisha Mohammed, Paulisha Kellum, Enonge Stovall and Monica Wright.

Not only that, Coach Ryan also recruited 4 players to play for Virginia starting this coming season: Chelsea Shine, Ariana Moorer, Britny and Whitny Edwards. The last two are fraternal twins from Charlotte, North Carolina.  Yes, Britny and Whitny without an “E” in it at all.

My credible source has indicated that one of these Edwards twins is legally Deaf. My bet is on Whitney Edwards, the 5’11 shooting guard. Oh, by the way, the twins’ father is none other than Blue Edwards.

This season may be the most gratifying one for me in a long time.

See what I meant about the degrees of separation? It is certainly a blessing to be Deaf and a fan of Women’s Basketball. If you have free time, be sure to attend one of these WNBA games in your towns.



UPDATE: It is Britny, the 6’1 power forward who is confirmed to be legally Deaf.

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17: Again, Do Not Trust Cops

Posted by ridor9th on July 30, 2008

Many years ago when I lived in East Village in New York, I had the pleasure of watching hundrds, if not thousands, of cyclists whizzing down First Avenue as a part of Critical Mass, the monthly gathering on the last Friday of each month to raise the awareness on cyclists’ rights to use the roads in the city.

The last weekend of August, 2004 was the weekend that ultimately turned me against Republicans, NYPD and GW Bush. Remember during the Republicans National Convention, the press mentioned that about 1,200 “protesters” were arrested on the first day of the convention?

They were not protesters. In fact, these “protesters” were nowhere close to Madison Square Garden where the convention took place! Madison Square Garden is on 34th Street and 8th Avenue. Critical Mass often whizzed down from Harlem to Houston Street on First Avenue. But that did not stop NYPD from putting the vans on First Avenue as a part of strategy to squeeze the cyclists into a small line so that the cops who hid in front of the vans — they were ready to yank the cyclists off from their bicycles.

The officers yanked all kinds of people including teenagers and small children off from their bicycles. And in the process, the officers smashed, trashed and damaged thousands of bicycles. There was a pile of bicycles which quickly grew to a large mound.

I was there. On sidewalk, that is on First Avenue and 12th Street — watching the whole episode that basically extinguished my faith in law enforcement ever since.

I was horrified. I quickly wondered, “What if Deaf people were part of this? We’d be maimed, crushed and injured.” And to top it all, the cops had the means to indict us with anything else in particular. They can invent a charge and waste my time, effort, energy and money in the courts. That moment, I realized that the cops harbors such power to trumpet the charges on anyone else in particular. Even you and I can’t come out of blue and charge them with anything — only they can do.

This is the same batch of New York Police Department whom lost their lives on 9/11 when the terrorists destroyed World Trade Center. This is the same group that the Americans viewed them as ‘heroes’. I do not view them as heroes — in fact, they were paid by taxpayers to do their jobs, that is to serve and to protect. Death comes with territory, like it or not.

Not many people knew that when these cops perished at Ground Zero, many widows went on to marry these cops’ best friends. It turned out that these cops has some kind of culture behind that Blue Wall where they cheated on their partners, best friends by sleeping with their women & men.

So noble. So heroic.


I just viewed this video and this simply affirmed my personal belief, first and foremost of all — I cannot trust any police officer. I don’t care if you are the son, the father or the best friend of a cop — whoopee! — it does not matter if your cousin’s father-in-law’s best friend’s uncle is a good cop. Does not matter at all.

Last month, I was at Arby’s ordering food for my lunch when I was tapped on my right shoulder — it was the local police officer trying to talk with me in ASL. Turns out that he has a sister who went to Gallaudet. Went or taught, I’m not sure. He was quite nice and his signs were shitty, to say the least.

But I was polite and brutally honest. I made it clear that I don’t trust cops, I don’t even trust him as well. I can read his face that he was bit hurt by that statement.

He went on to assure that he will not do such things to people, deaf or not. One positive thing about him is that he is college-educated. He went to the University of Florida, the nation’s No. 1 party school. But still, I told him that I still cannot bring myself to trust him or his group until they proved me wrong.

So far, the cops across the country has not proved me right. In Memphis, the transgender prostitute was attacked by a cop inside the precinct. In Ohio, a college student was tasered by a cop twice AFTER he was handcuffed.

And this link with the latest incident in New York where the so-called noble NYPD Officer Patrick Pogan attacked a cyclist out of blue. This scumbag, Patrick Pogan filed a compliant claiming that Christopher Long swerved his bicycle as a weapon into Pogan!

Just another reason why I do not trust cops.

Maybe The Fates has decreed that the perished cops at Ground Zero … was well deserved? Who knows.

What Do I Think of Deafhood? I am Deaf. What I experienced throughout the life defined me as a Deaf individual. And that is Deafhood. I’m 100% firmly behind the idea. It is not a cult. It is the way of life. I’m fine with it. There are parts that I wanted to define but could not come up with terms until I learned what it is: Colonialism and deficit thinking.

Ping! This were the ones that I wanted to pinpoint the issues that plagued us from day one. Deafhood is personal journey for each individual and how they wanted to incorporate one into their lives are cool.

What of MishkaZena? I can’t trust nor rely on her thoughts. Did you know that she attempted to contact one of my siblings in an attempt to dig up my personal information? My sister contacted me to tell me that MZ contacted her out of blue asking about me and my whereabouts. That raised a red flag. That was a sign that she is not to be trusted. Just my two cents.

Did You Know? My new cat’s name is Herpes.


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